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Mainz-Handled pugio from Mark Morrow

I've just posted photos of my new Mainz-handled pugio from Mark Morrow. It's patterned after the one found on the Herculaneum soldier.
Dec 13, 2011

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Jun 7, 2011

Republican Era Pugios

Does anyone have pics of pugiones definitely from the Republican era? For simplicity, let's say 1st century BC and earlier. I'd be grateful. John
Apr 22, 2011

Re: Pugio ? Blade

I just noticed how much like the photo on this group's cover picture your blade is. Can they be compared that way?
Nov 22, 2010

Re: Pugio ? Blade

Dear group-members, thank you for your answers. Unfortunately I was told that blade was a single found without a context (as it happens mostly for river
Nov 21, 2010

Re: Pugio ? Blade

It is a type 'A' blade with a rod tang. It is reasonably narrow but this is far from unusual and the length, although it is indeed long, is still within the
Paul Geddes
Nov 20, 2010

Re: Pugio ? Blade

With the length sounds like it could be late empire with the length of it-----Original Message----- Date: Saturday, November 20, 2010 9:20:58 To:
david clifton
Nov 20, 2010

Re: Pugio ? Blade

It's in astonishingly good condition!  The size is much too short for anything but a pugio.  I am not educated enough in blades to make any real
David Wills
Nov 20, 2010

Pugio ? Blade

Dear Group-Members, I have aquired a German roman collection some time ago. One of the items is a roman blade, found 1973 in the Rhine at Mainz (Mogontiacum).
Nov 20, 2010

Re: New Guy

Dear Sir! I can send you some drawings i made according to the original pictures from the museums, and some local expert here in Macedonia try to make
Marjan Georgievski
Oct 21, 2010

Re: New Guy

Welcome aboard. Right, first things first. If you can, find a group to join. This will give you a lot of of the help,and information you will need. If you
Paul Geddes
Oct 21, 2010

New Guy

Salvete Omnes, I've been subscribed to this list for a while but I now need a wee bit of help. I'm wanting to get into Roman reenacting and I want to start
Oct 20, 2010

Training and how to site now open.

All are invited to sign up to Ludus Militis now online. at www.ludusmilitis.org It is to be a list of photo essays and documents to assist reenactors, living
Dec 8, 2009


The way to improve the depeeka plain pugio is to get the accurate suspension hooks from armamentria. After that all you need is flat suspension rings and its
Nov 15, 2009

There is not much available in low cost Pugios. The Deepeeka Plain Pugio is the only good low cost one so far! DSC is working on a prototype but it will be
Kaler john
Nov 15, 2009
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