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Reach Out And Touch Someone

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  • sandradavis54
    Good Monday Morning. I hope your weekend was full of wonderful memories with family and friends. This week s article is dedicated to Massage Therapists, and to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2003
      Good Monday Morning.
      I hope your weekend was full of wonderful memories with family and friends.
      This week's article is dedicated to Massage Therapists, and to all the people who touch our hearts in many ways.
      "Reach Out And Touch Someone"
      Touch has proven to be very theraputic in healing, in communicating, in calming and in loving.
      Moss Agate:
      The Moss Agate is an agate containing inclusions of minearls that resemble foliage, or moss. This stone will improve self-esteem, bringing forth emotional balance, allowing those to finally see the beauty within everything their eyes touch, that was once unviewable.
      This mineral is a yellowish bladed crystal and is stated to be used in the elimination of fatty deposits that will increase the sensitivities of touch. This stone is a good stone for massage thereapists and massage healers, to heighten hand and finger sensitivity, and to better be able to find the patients/clients most needed area of massage/therapy.
      This white prismatic crysal is used in treatments and disorders of the senses (hearing, sight, smell) as well as speech and touch. This stone is a good stone for those who are tactile challenged, and need to learn that touching, or to be touched, can be a pleasurable experience.
      When holding a piece of celestial glass Moldavite in your hands, know that this mineral will stimulate capabilities to actually "feel" the spoken message of the communicator.
      This yellow hued cubed crystal is a valuable stone to keep you grounded while meditating. It will prevent you from losing touch with the conscious mind during deep meditations an concentrations. If using this stone, be sure there are no sharp edges that will suddenly "wake you up" while in deep meditation holding this mineral.
      Quartz Crystal:
      Also known as Rock Crystal, this prismatic hexagonal crystal is used as an exclusive Touch Stone: in healing - when set upon the body; in clarifying visions while holding it; feeling and seeing good energies while wearing it; and numerous amplifications of its energy fields when touching other stones. But in regards to this article, if you wear a ring with Quartz Crystal set in, it highly enhances the "Midas Touch."
        (I will definately go out shopping for 10 Quartz Crystal rings!)
      A green variety of Grossular, Tsavorite crystallized in a variety of crystal shapes. Similar to the Bavenite in properites, Tsavorite is used in the treatment of hearing, smell, sight, taste and touch disorders, along with abnormal thought disorders. As an added bonus, Tsavorite, when held in one hand, will increase touch sensations of any texture the other hand is sensing.
      As with the Pharmacosiderite, the beautiful mineral Turquoise is an excellent stone to keep one grounded, and from losing touch with the conscious mind during deep meditations and concentrations. The Turquoise does happen to be more plentiful and less expensive, so consider this fact when wanting to use a stone in your meditations. Turquoise brings Peace Of Mind also, which makes this mineral somewhat more valuable in my opinion, in regards to concentrations and meditations.
      This yellow crystal, often found as druse and crusts upon a host mineral, is a very strong stone to highly enhance touch sensations. Weeksite is a good stone for those learning Braille, or having to work with delicate textures with the fingertips - as opposed to using the entire finger or palm. Wood grains and cloth textures are decipherable when holding a piece of Weeksite.
      Massage Crystal:
      This round-ended, wand-shaped quartz is a very good touch stone. Quartz has both pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties, and when using this in a massage action, these properties amplify the body's own electric impulses, sending good healing electric energies to the selected area(s).
      Stones Are The Universe
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