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  • Scott Danger Storey
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2000
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      >This week in 1964 The Animals' House of the Rising Sun hit
      >the top of the pops. The leader of this early British Invasion band,
      >Eric Burdon, went on to form War which had huge hits with "Spill The
      >Wine," "Why Can't We Be Friends," and "The Cisco Kid." A big part of
      >the band's distinctive sound lay in the approach of harp player Lee
      >Oskar using his "Mississippi Saxophone" something like a keyboard to
      >achieve a dense chord-rich sound.
      > This week in 1982 Apple Computer-backed US Festival in San
      >Bernardino, California, drew 400,000 people to see Tom Petty,
      >Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Browne, The Grateful Dead, The Police, The
      >Cars, Santana, Talking Heads, and Eddie Money. Despite the huge
      >turnout which produced a $10 million gate, the festival hemorrhaged
      >red ink...Singer Annie Lennox put on a free concert in NYC's Central
      >Park this week in 1995. She stuck around the Big Apple after the gig
      >to sing "Something So Right" with Paul Simon at the Childrens Health
      >Fund benefit concert. She'd previously cut the tune on her album
      >"Medusa"...Also this week in '95 the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame
      >opened its doors in Cleveland...In 1999 Cheap Trick played a date in
      >Rockford Illinois celebrating their 25th year.
      > Musician's Friend is excited and proud to welcome Waldorf
      >Electronics. They've been a major player in the synthesizer arena
      >since the late '80s when their MicroWave made big ripples on the
      >music scene in Europe. Since then they've gone on to a series of
      >triumphs introducing a succession of heavy-hitting synths like the
      >PPG Wavecomputer and Wave Dream Machine. Today the Waldorf line of
      >rack and keyboard synthesizers are counted among the most innovative
      >and robust electronic musical devices on the scene today.
      >August 31: Van Morrison (1945)
      >September 1: Conway Twitty (1933), The Bee Gees' Barry Gibb (1946),
      >Gloria Estefan (1957).
      >September 2: '50s teen idol Jimmy Clanton (1940), Toto's Steve Pocaro
      >September 3: Beachboy Al Jardine (1942), Don Brewer of Grand Funk
      >Railroad (1948)
      >September 4: Danny Gatton (1945)
      >September 5: John Stewart (1939), Al Stewart (1945), Queen's Freddie
      >Mercury (1946), and Buddy Miles (1946)
      >September 6: Roger Waters of Pink Floyd (1944)
      >and Notable Departures...
      >September 3: Songwriter ("Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" and
      >countless Tin Pan Alley tunes) Johnny Marks died in 1985.
      >September 4: C&W chanteuse Dottie West died in a 1990 car wreck.
      >September 6: Tom Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival succumbed
      >to respiratory illness in 1990.
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