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Re: [ProgAndOther] The moderator goes to Bermuda

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  • Peter Abusamra
    Bob, Enjoy your vacation! Pete
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2000
      Enjoy your vacation!

      Bob Eichler / Michele Matthews wrote:

      > Can you believe that I haven't had a single real vacation since
      > this list started two years ago? Well, it's about time...
      > Starting about two hours ago, I'm officially on vacation for two
      > weeks. Most of that time will be spent at home, but I'm going to
      > do my best to stay away from the computer so I can get some rest,
      > relaxation and housework done. And then there's five days starting
      > in the middle of next week that I'll be in beautiful, sunny (hopefully)
      > Bermuda.
      > What does that mean for the list? Not much. It should continue to
      > run fairly smoothly without me, as long as no one starts any flame
      > wars. So I expect everyone to be on their best behaviour for the
      > next two weeks...
      > Just in case, I sent out an email to a few folks who I hoped would
      > act as back-up moderators while I was gone. Only one accepted the
      > position, but that's enough to forward any notifications that eGroups
      > might send out, and to approve/reject messages from our one illustrious
      > moderated member.
      > So remember to be nice, and I'll see you all in two weeks, hopefully
      > with a darker tan and a much reduced stress level.
      > -- Bob "Bice" Eichler
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