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Re: Power of Omens

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  • Jim Robinson
    Just a big old grin coming from my direction!!!!!!!
    Message 1 of 13 , Feb 4 5:19 AM
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      Just a big old grin coming from my direction!!!!!!!

      Stevesly@... wrote:

      > From: Stevesly@...
      > In a message dated 99-02-02 09:33:34 EST, you write:
      > <<
      > Now now Steve Dream Theater has had their stronghold in Central NJ from the
      > beginning.Don't make me have to go out and wrangle up the troops man. Cause
      > I
      > will!!! >>
      > Maybe I should re-phrase my comment. Grand Rapids was one of several cities
      > where Dream Theater had quite a following before they became big (relatively)
      > nationwide.
      > Steve Sly
      > (Now playing King Crimson - The Great Deciever Box Set)
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