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steve husks tc2 tape review

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  • Jerry Keller
    i ve had steves tape for about a week now and have played it 4 times. so its time for a review. 1. event perfect illusion pretty heavy metal of which i m
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 1999
      i've had steves tape for about a week now and have played it 4 times.
      so its time for a review.

      1. event "perfect illusion" pretty heavy metal of which i'm not a real big fan.
      not bad though. however nothing terribly inventive.

      2. cathedral "introspect" i liked this alot.really good song. a little like
      mastermind with a sprinkling of gentle giant. i'd like to hear more of this.

      3. dalis delemma "miracles in yesteryear" as steve mentioned in his liner notes, they sound like a dream theater clone. and i agree. however, i really like this
      song. my opinion of dt is that they're more prog than metal and i think dalis
      delemma fits the same bill. good stuff

      4. eddie jobson "who my friends" another winner. excellent vocals with fine
      keyboards and violin. very nice.

      5. living color "ology"nice stuff. too short to make a more detailed opinion.

      6. big country "where the rose is sown" i remember these guys. kind of
      poppish, but that is not always a bad thing. good vocals with an happy air
      to it. i liked it.

      7. talamasca "lost within" sorry, not impressed

      side 2

      1.tony macalpine "autumn lords this guy can definitely play. kind of like
      malmsteen. i liked the song too.

      2.gentle giant "cogs in cogs" there is very little that gg has done that i don't like.
      nice selection. with all the reunions of 70s bands wouldn't it be great if these guys got back together?

      3. scatterbrain "tastes just like chicken" offbeat, funny, whimsical. a little like
      talking heads. i'd be interested in hearing more of these guys too.

      4.gerard "delerium" nice keys vs. guitar. enjoyable. i'd like to hear more of them too.

      5.steve walsh "wait until tomorrow" nice. kansas meets the dregs.

      6 iron maiden "sheriff of hiddensfield" about what i expected. ok.

      7.april wine "21st century schizoid man" excellently done cover. i like this version better than the original by king crimson.

      8.paynes gray "nyarlathoteps" and "riding the shantak" ominous sounding prog
      metal, but mellow in its own way. i liked both songs.

      thats it. this tape was for me more enjoyable then steves first tape circle tape.
      it was far more proggy and less metal (and no one that sounded like james labrie)
      my favorites were cathedral, eddie jobson and scatterbrain.
      nice job, steve
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