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    I recevied this today from Dr Rob. Paul NP- Toy Matinee, Toy Matinee From: Dr. Robert L. La Duca Subject: NEARFest update
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 1998
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      I recevied this today from Dr Rob.


      NP- Toy Matinee, Toy Matinee

      From: "Dr. Robert L. La Duca" <rlladuca@...>
      Subject: NEARFest update

      Announcing the inaugural North East Art Rock Festival (NEARFest)
      June 26 & 27, 1999, Moravian Arts Pavillion, Bethlehem PA

      organizers: Dr. Robert LaDuca (rlladuca@...)
      Chad Hutchinson (qghost@...)

      Due to the increasing size of the progressive/art rock fan base in the
      Northeastern USA, we have decided to begin a progressive rock festival
      tradition in this part of the nation. Bethlehem is centrally located,
      within relatively easy driving distance of New England (4-5 hours), New
      York metro area (1.5-2 hours), Philadelphia (45 mins), Baltimore (2.5
      hours), Washington (3.5 hours) etc. Even the aberrantly large
      concentration of Quebecois prog fans would be able to drive down (~9

      The Moravian Arts Pavilion is a large tree-surrounded field on the
      Colonial-architectured campus of Moravian College in historic downtown
      Bethlehem, close to the Lehigh River. There is a permanent concrete
      bandshell at one end, with sound baffles and ample power supply, as well
      as private backstage room for bands and crew. Many restaurants,
      pizzerias, delis, and bars are within easy walking distance (5-10
      minutes), in downtown Bethlehem, though we will have food and beverages on
      site. There is ample free public parking nearby.

      We are presently in the process of obtaining sponsorships from both
      corporate and private investors, as well as filing for not-for-profit
      status as a cultural organization. A local bank, record label, and several
      private investors have already committed seed money for the festival.

      We hope to begin announcing the headlining and support bands soon.

      If you would like to be removed from this list, please drop a note to that

      Hope you see you all next June at the first NEARFest!

      Rob LaDuca
      co-chair, NEARFest '99
      Dr. Robert L. La Duca
      Assistant Professor of Chemistry
      King's College
      Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711

      tel: 717-208-5900 x5733
      fax: 717-825-9049
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