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Re: Review: A Piedi Nudi - Creazione and Eclissi

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  • Ganger, Charles A
    Actually, if you need to understand some of the Italian lyrics, Shellyn could probably help out. She s fluent in Spanish and quite good in French and Italian.
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 1998
      Actually, if you need to understand some of the Italian lyrics, Shellyn
      could probably help out. She's fluent in Spanish and quite good in French
      and Italian.


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      Continuing my attempt to review all the discs I bought at ProgDay:

      A Piedi Nudi - Creazione and Eclissi

      Track Listings:

      Creazione (Released: 1994)
      1. Memorie (12:47)
      2. Partenza (5:00)
      3. Lungo Il Sentiero (5:19)
      4. Regina Del Torrente (8:20)
      5. Dea Delle Rocce, Signore Del Vento (4:37)
      6. Creazione (4:02)
      7. Nuova Vita (6:11)
      8. La Ballerina (Bonus Track) (5:07)

      Eclissi (Released: 1997)
      1. Esodo
      2. L'Inganno
      3. Le amanti
      4. Senza ritorno
      5. Reverendo
      6. Temporale
      7. L'infedele
      8. Amici d'infanzia
      9. Eclissi

      Unfortunately, I'm very pressed for time as I write this review, so
      I'm not
      going to have time to really do these albums justice. This review is
      to be mostly raw data and quick impressions, rather than a detailed

      These two albums, the band's second and third I believe, are
      not Italian prog in the typical sense. The melody is there, but it's
      harder-edged music than what I've come to associate with Italian
      Also, the instrumentation isn't as varied. They tend to stick mostly
      drums, bass, guitar and keyboard. There is a bit of french horn here
      there, but it doesn't really stand out. In fact, when I saw these
      guys at
      ProgDay and later at Orion Studios, I wondered why they didn't just
      the few short french horn parts on the keyboards.

      I like these albums, but it's hard to really get a grip on them. The
      melodies and tempo shift almost constantly, and all the vocals are
      Italian so English speaking listeners don't have anything to grab
      there. It's best to let the music wash over you and just experience
      sheer power of it.

      The electric guitar is the main instrument, blasting its way,
      style, through almost every track. The keyboards are used mostly for
      coloration and mood. A wide variety of synthesizer sounds are used,
      it's mostly for effect. The keys never take the lead, and never
      solo. The
      electric guitar is used both for pounding out power chords and for
      playing intricate melodies. The only song I can think of off the top
      of my
      head that doesn't feature electric guitar is La Ballerina, the bonus
      on Crezione, which uses acoustic guitar.

      While the music does settle down occasionally for some quiet,
      intimate passages, for the most part it screams along in
      (to borrow a phrase from Mike Keneally) heavy metal mode. But the
      melodies, moods and time-signatures change far more often than they
      in typical heavy metal. In the end, you're left with the feeling as
      someone had been pounding on your head for an hour, but you can't
      remember who. Not that that's an entirely bad thing...

      The vocals are entirely in Italian. Crezione is sung by the drummer,
      Bighetti (of post-ProgDay cigarette fame). Eclissi features a
      vocalist, Mirko Andreasi. But to be honest, I can't tell one from
      other and never would have noticed the difference if I hadn't
      someone at Orion commenting on the different vocalist on Eclissi.
      the band performed live at ProgDay and Orion, Carlo performed all

      The singing is decent and even very good in spots, but I wouldn't
      buy the
      albums just for these guys' voices. In places they even get a little
      as they wail away dramatically in Italian. If I actually understood
      I'd probably have a much higher tolerance for the vocals. The lyrics
      to all
      songs are printed in the CD booklets, but that doesn't help unless
      can read Italian.

      Speaking of the booklets, the packaging on both CDs is excellent,
      especially Eclissi. Creazione's cover depicts an alien landscape
      filled with
      odd creatures, most of which have various musical instruments as
      of their bodies. The disc itself reproduces the cover. Inside the
      each page gives the lyrics to a song over the volcanic background of
      cover. The "drum-faced" creature of the cover appears at the corners
      each page. The back page of the booklet shows a stylish photo of the
      band, all dressed in tuxedos and standing by what looks like a
      surrounded by fog. The back of the CD case lists the song titles and
      times, surrounded by the creatures from the front cover making a
      around the text.

      I'm assuming "Eclissi" is Italian for "Eclipse", because that's what
      dominates the artwork of that album. The front cover has a stunning
      painting of what looks like a brain eclipsing a ball of fire.
      Twisting over
      the brain is something that looks like the title creature from the
      Alien, but it's arranged in such a way as to spell out "APN". The
      itself looks like a black planet, and when you lift it out you
      discover that
      it was eclipsing a sun painted behind the clear CD tray. The back of
      CD case features a black and white eclipse, with the song titles
      the circle. Inside the booklet, the lyrics to each song are printed
      page by
      page, with the facing pages containing disturbing paintings ranging
      from a
      marionette lying dead after cutting its own strings to a close-up of
      eyeball with the reflection of a charging monster in the pupil. And
      are a couple of the tamer ones...

      In summary, good music, but you've got to be able to tolerate heavy
      guitar and frantic shifts in mood and tempo. If lyrics are important
      you, then only pick these up if you speak Italian. The packaging
      makes the albums worth having even if you don't like the music. All
      in all,
      I think I'm going to have to give these albums a few more listens
      before I
      can really get a grip on them.

      -- Bob "Bice" Eichler

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