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  • Michael Ostrich
    A lot of metal these days are splintering into many different categories. A more recent category is known as match rock , which Wikipedia says is ...a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2010
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      A lot of metal these days are splintering into many different categories. A
      more recent category is known as "match rock", which Wikipedia says is "...a
      rhythmically complex, guitar-based style of experimental rock." That
      definition can be the same as the Washington D.C. based experimental
      progressive metal band Animals As Leaders. Originally formed in 2007 by
      guitarist Tosin Abasi after the fall of his previous band, Abasi recorded
      all the guitars and bass parts himself (which help from Misha Mansoor of the
      band Periphery on programmed drums). The result of Tosin's D.I.Y. approach
      has proved quite tremendous as this album has gotten almost universal
      praise. One review really hit Tosin's approach right on the mark where they
      state that "...for those Jeff Beck fans, imagine if he created a heavy metal
      record, then you might be in the ballpark of what this album sounds similar
      to." So, you've got jazz elements here as well as Tosin's insane guitar
      work. The songwriting, however, must not be overlooked. Tyler Barlass
      agrees with that, stating "...Abasi is stellar throughout the disc and never
      fails to impress with his fantastic technical prowess, but being skilled at
      an instrument can only get you so far. The much more impressive part of the
      album is the songwriting and the song layout of the album itself which ebbs
      and flows with the best of them." Now joined in a live setting by fellow
      guitarist Javier Reyes, drummer Navene Kopweweis and Chebon Littlefield on
      "Computers", the band has been touring through the US trying to make a name
      for themselves. With no real website presence other than a MySpace account,
      the music must speak for itself - and it does. With every single rating on
      Amazon (as of this writing) being a 5 out of5, that most certainly says
      quite a lot! The last word can be left to C.M Gillum, who states that the
      album"...is a ground breaking release from a man that is basically unknown
      in the industry except within small circles few and far between. Pick this
      up and support an artist that truly has the skills others claim to posses.
      In my opinion this album just went straight to the top of the list and is
      the best Metal Album of 2009 to date. Do not overlook this one!" Please
      join us on Tuesday night (November 2nd) at 8pm as we spotlight the
      self-titled debut release by Animals As Leaders.

      Best Regards,
      Michael Ostrich, A+, Net+, MCITP
      Progscape.com; Custom Website Designs
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