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Re: [ProgAndOther] Re: Cheer-Accident (was re:Wierd Concert Experience )

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  • progholio@juno.com
    Hey Scott, Finally had a chance to crack it open and listen to it last night. My initial impression is it pushes all the right buttons for me and a perfect fit
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2010

      Hey Scott,

      Finally had a chance to crack it open and listen to it last night. My initial impression is it pushes all the right buttons for me and a perfect fit for the Cuneiform label. I have a couple other C-A releases and this is by far the most refined sounding and my favorite so far compositionally. I remember them playing a few selections last friday night - even with the sparse instumentation the live versions were killer, i'm sure this disc will get even better with repeated spins.


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      Sounds like you made quite an impression on the CA folks Rich!

      So, how do you like the new record? I got it right after it was released. I had to make myself NOT play it every time I sat down to do some listening. Really really great record IMO.


      On 4/17/10 9:19 PM, "Roy DeRousse" <roylayer@gmail. com> wrote:

      Rich!  I am glad that you got to see Cheer-Accident.  I really liked them at
      ProgDay.  Ironically, Rhea had to wake up early this morning to do some
      volunteer work for a parade organized by the Variety Club.  We tried to find
      out when the various bands would start.  They couldn't tell us that.  That was
      somewhat understandable, but they couldn't even tell us the order of the
      bands!  (There were 3 of them.)  Without that info, and with the music
      scheduled to start at 9:00, we decided not to go.  Based on your report, it
      sounds like a good decision.

      Anyway, I'm glad that you had a good time.

      progholio@juno. com wrote:
      > Speaking of concert experiences, i had a completely awesome one last
      > night, went to see the mighty Cheer-Accident (thank you Roy, would have
      > completely missed it if it weren't for you). The venue was a local brew
      > pub who have excellent beer btw, upon entering we saw bass player Alex
      > Perkolup having a smoke outside, he immediately walked up to us and said
      > "I know you from somewhere" in which we replied "ProgDay". Memories from
      > an after hours pool party still fresh on our minds i suppose. He then
      > informed us that things were terribly delayed due to some issues
      > suffered by the opening band, no problems here, plenty of good food,
      > beer and pinball to kill the time. Despite the late start the band put
      > on an absolutely riveting and energetic show. Afterwards i bought a copy
      > of their latest "Fear Draws Misfortune" from bandleader Thymme Jones,
      > who looked up at me and said -"hey, I know you from North Carolina, right?
      > Not only very talented but an incredibly nice bunch at that.
      > Oh, i should mention that there were plenty in attendence in the 20-30
      > age range, nobody left the show early or twiddled with devices other
      > than to snap an occasional photo of the band.
      > rich

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