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Steve Hackett & Renaissance - 6/22/10 - Arlington, MA - Regent Theatre

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  • marabus
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      newears@... wrote:
      > Well --
      > This is this summers biggie people.
      > You have first crack at the tickets--
      > Tickets will be open to the public next week--so don't wait--
      > AL B
      > Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010
      > Steve Hackett and Renaissance
      > The Regent Theater
      > Arlington Mass.
      > Tics--Patron Seats(60 seats) are $100 and include Steve's latest CD
      > and a meet and greet
      > General Seating---$50 FOR THE REST OF THE SEATS (No CD or
      > meet and greet)
      > All tickets to be sold thru the Regent Theater or can be
      > pre-ordered thru me @
      > newears@...
      > Starting time is 7:30
      > AL B
      > Steve Hackett is renowned as an immensely talented and innovative rock
      > musician. He was lead guitarist with Genesis as part of their classic
      > line up with Gabriel, Collins, Banks and Rutherford, that produced
      > acclaimed albums such as Selling England by the Pound (a favourite of
      > John Lennon). With Steve’s extraordinary versatility in both his
      > electric guitar playing and his composing, he involves influences from
      > many genres, including Jazz, World Music and Blues. He is equally
      > adept in his classical albums that include renditions of pieces by
      > composers from Bach to Satie, his own acoustic guitar compositions
      > that have gained the admiration of many, including Yehudi Menuhin, and
      > ambitious guitar/ orchestra albums such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream,
      > recorded with the Royal Philharmonic.
      > With Genesis, Steve’s guitar playing produced some of the most
      > memorable moments, from the sensitivity of his acoustic sound on
      > Horizons and Blood on the Rooftops to the dramatic rock guitar solos
      > of Firth of Fifth and Fountain of Salmacis. As he embarked on his solo
      > career he developed his exceptional range, pushing musical boundaries
      > into exciting areas, inventing new sounds and also techniques such as
      > ‘tapping’. His solo career went from strength to strength and the mid
      > eighties not only saw the hit single Cell 151, but also the Steve
      > Hackett and Steve Howe super group GTR, highly successful in America.
      > After GTR Steve worked further with many renowned musicians such as
      > Paul Carrick, Bonny Tyler, John Wetton and Brian May, who has credited
      > Steve as an early influence. Steve went on to produce his hit album
      > Genesis Revisited. He went even further back to his roots with Blues
      > with a Feeling, whilst continuing to challenge his own ‘horizons’ with
      > an amazingly eclectic mix of sounds, genres and a sense of the exotic
      > that excites his many followers to this day.
      > Recent albums have possessed a high level of sophistication, along
      > with an ever-present powerful dynamic, from the dramatic and
      > atmospheric darkness of Darktown and Wild Orchids to the colourful
      > voyage through time and space of To Watch the Storms. Steve’s live
      > electric gigs take his fans on an extraordinary journey that embodies
      > all areas, from his Genesis days right through to the present, all
      > woven together with his exceptionally unique and distinctive rock
      > guitar sound. Audiences in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Canary
      > Islands were recently enthralled with his new electric band now poised
      > to tour much of Europe and the UK, and he is working on an
      > exciting-forthcoming rock album, Out of the Tunnel’s Mouth.
      > -----
      > Renaissance's current resurgence coincides with the 40th anniversary
      > of the classic English band's formation. 2009 saw singer Annie Haslam,
      > whose five-octave voice is one of the most distinctive in rock
      > history, reconnecting with longtime bandmate Michael Dunford,
      > Renaissance's guitarist and principal composer. Haslam's soaring
      > vocals and Dunford's evocative acoustic guitar work were cornerstones
      > of the group's sound during its most prolific era, 1972-1978. During
      > that period, Renaissance's pioneering fusion of rock, folk and
      > classical elements attracted a devoted worldwide fan base that
      > continues to support the band to this day. Renaissance's lush,
      > orchestral approach, incorporating symphonic textures, poetic lyrics
      > and a free-spirited sense of experimentalism, has always been
      > particularly popular in America, where the band's classic '70s albums
      > Prologue, Ashes Are Burning, Turn of the Cards, Scheherazade and Other
      > Stories, Novella, A Song for All Seasons and Azure d'Or, as well as
      > "Live" at Carnegie Hall became staples of progressive album-rock
      > radio. So it's appropriate that the group launched its return to
      > active duty with a series of intimate concerts in Fall 2009 for its
      > loyal American fans.
      > Renaissance's new lineup finds Haslam and Dunford joined by four
      > world-class instrumentalists whose talents provide new creative blood,
      > while maintaining the band's traditional standards of sterling
      > musicianship. Keyboardist Rave Tesar and bassist/vocalist David J.
      > Keyes are veterans of prior editions of Renaissance as well as several
      > Haslam solo projects, while keyboardist/vocalist Tom Brislin's resume
      > includes work with Yes, Debbie Harry, Meat Loaf and Francis Dunnery,
      > and drummer Frank Pagano has collaborated with artists as diverse as
      > Bruce Springsteen, Bette Midler, Barry Manilow and Smashing Pumpkins.
      > Renaissance was originally formed in 1969 by former Yardbirds Keith
      > Relf and Jim McCarty. By 1971, though, a series of personnel shifts
      > had resulted in a completely new lineup, and it's that incarnation of
      > Renaissance that would continue successfully through the end of the
      > decade. The visionary approach of their albums soon captivated
      > American listeners, and the band experienced considerable success as a
      > touring act, thrilling concertgoers on such prestigious stages as New
      > York's Carnegie Hall and London's Royal Albert Hall.
      > In the 1980s, Haslam and Dunford took Renaissance into new sonic
      > territory, exploring a more electronic sound on the albums Camera
      > Camera and Time Line as well as performing with an all-acoustic
      > version of the band. Following an extended hiatus (during which they
      > worked on individual musical projects, and Haslam pursued her passion
      > for painting), Haslam and Dunford reactivated Renaissance for the 2001
      > studio effort Tuscany and the in-concert release In the Land of the
      > Rising Sun: Live In Japan.
      > Now, Renaissance begins an exciting new chapter, while honoring its
      > beloved body of vintage work. Haslam and Dunford promise that the new
      > six-piece lineup will perform the band's timeless classics with the
      > same care with which the material was originally crafted, while
      > utilizing technological advances to reproduce the music's original
      > symphonic textures like never before. They're also enthusiastic about
      > introducing the music to a new generation of listeners as well as
      > longtime fans.
      > "I'm thrilled to be performing these songs again, and to be performing
      > them with Michael Dunford and a great group of musicians," Haslam
      > states. "These songs are a big part of my life, so I'll be singing my
      > heart out."
      > "We're very excited to be playing for American audiences again," adds
      > Dunford. "With these great musicians, I'm expecting the songs to sound
      > better than ever, and I'm looking forward to it with great anticipation."
      > -----
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