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Re: And it's about damned time!!!!!

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  • jeffoaster
    ... It s hard to ... Hey, I m a huge baseball fan, and I rarely watch it on TV. I believe they have a 20 second rule that awards that will automatically call
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 31, 2008
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      --- In ProgAndOther@yahoogroups.com, "biceeichler" <eichler2@...> wrote:
      It's hard to
      > sit and focus on a baseball game, 'cause they're so dang
      > sloooooooow. They should put a play clock in like football.
      > If the pitcher takes more than 30 seconds between pitches
      > (including attempted pick-offs), the batter walks.

      Hey, I'm a huge baseball fan, and I rarely watch it on TV. I believe
      they have a "20 second rule" that awards that will automatically call
      a Ball if the pitcher doesn't throw the pitch, but umps never enforce it

      > Anyway, if I claimed to be a Phillies fan, it would probably
      > be a case of bandwagon-jumping, but most of the players on
      > the team seem like good guys, so I'm glad they won.

      That's okay. Hop on board!
      > What, you don't space out to Magma?
      > How about Miles Davis' "In a Silent Way" or some early Weather
      > Report?
      > Tangerine Dream
      > Fripp's soundscapes

      Magma is a decent choice, and I listened to them a lot last year after
      I crashed on my bike and was on crutches for a week (yes, it was my
      knee that was injured). They're a bit too intense though. I'm looking
      for some nice, mellow stuff.

      TD and Fripp's Soundscapes never really did anything for me. "In a
      Silent Way" is a good choice though. I plan on adding some Pat Metheny
      to the playlist - especially "As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita
      Falls." Great album.

      I'm thinking Do Make Say Think would be a good band to cue up. I can
      think of quite a few Italian bands that would work nicely as well -
      maybe I'll even come up with a whole Italian playlist - Osanna, MdC,
      PFM, DFA, Balletto di Bronzo, a little Banco, Finisterre.

      - Jeff
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