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Re: [ProgAndOther] What's in the player these days

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  • timroache@verizon.net
    ... Thanks, I ll pass along the love. I’m terrible at reviewing albums, look to Steve Sly and Bob Eichler for that. ... I picked up SiT2 at NF. I bought SD
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 11, 2008
      >Not sure about trendy, but I can tell you what I’m listening to. By the way, the Froggs put on a great set for Prog Day.

      Thanks, I'll pass along the love.

      I’m terrible at reviewing albums, look to Steve Sly and Bob Eichler for that.
      >Beardfish – Sleeping In Traffic part 2 – I’m really digging this one. I’ve got Sane Day and SIT1 and this one jockeys for first place with Sane Day. SIT1 is a good album and well worth having, but the other two I have are just a cut above. They still retain a bit of that Zappa quality they displayed on SD, but its less noticeable now. Kicked my ass at Prog Day.

      I picked up SiT2 at NF. I bought SD and SiT1 at NF last year. I love all three, they are my favorite contemporary prog band these days by far. To my ears, SiT2 is the most Zappa-ish, iot's also the silliest, which may have a lot to do with the former. I love it all, and am really hoping they'll play NF next year. (I know Ray will do everything he can to make that happen) They are going to be Andy Tillison's new Tangent bandmates, hope that does not make conflict w/ playing NF...

      >Magic Pie – Circus of Life – I’m not sure how to describe these guys. Except maybe this is the best record that Spock’s Beard (mk1) never released. Are they an SB clone? No, not at all, but if you do like SB, then you’ll probably like the Pie. Though, the reverse is not exactly true. If you don’t like SB, you may still like this album. Really tight musically and vocally. The lyrics are a bit to be desired, but just a bit. Easily one of the best albums I’ve bought in a year.

      I love Magic Pie, saw them at ROSfest a couple years ago and bought Motions Of Desire on the strength of that performance. I nthink they are just terriffic, and I'm generally not a big consumer of that style.
      >La Desooorden – Ciudad de Papel – This one was recommended to my by Greg Walker of Synphonic. Thanks Greg. This is really a great album. The band is from Chile. The first Chilean band in my collection! Anyway, the lyrics are in Spanish, no habla espanol. Musically, the guitar and percussion really shine. I have nothing really to compare them to for a reference. I just like it :>)

      You git my attention, I'll make a note of this one.
      >Also in rotation;
      >Big Big Train – The Difference Machine
      >Nexus – Perpetuum Karma
      >Seven Reizh – Samsara
      >Riverside – Rapid Eye Movement
      >Porcupine Tree – Fear of a Blank Planet
      >Pulsar – Memory Ashes
      >-np – quidam – alone together


      I've been on a Canterbury-style (regardless of nation of origin) for some time now, also jazz guitar past and present (as maybe you can tell)

      At NF I bought, in additiojn to the BF,

      This Heat - Peel Sessions
      Got this from Kerman, it's outstanding. If you dig UZ and the Avant tip in general this is absolutely essential.

      Caravan-s/t, Waterloo Lily
      Filling in essential catalog. The first one includes both mono and stereo mixes of all songs, comparing them is interesting, they are quite different.

      Mellow Candle - Swaddling Songs
      For all fans of Strawbs, Fairport Convention, Tull, etc. this is ABSOLUTELY essential. Got it from GW, brand new 2008 remix of this seminal (TEE HEE, I said seminal!) album.

      Morglbl- Toons Tunes, Grotesk
      If you were at NF, or have read ANY reviews of NF, you know the deal here.

      Also, I have built a jazz guitar Pandora station that just KILLS. I listen to that as much as anything.

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