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Prog-Rock Diner playlist for 6/30/08

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  • progluvr@aol.com
    The Prog-Rock Diner playlist menu for 6/30/08: ARTIST/Song/Source YO MAMA s BIG FAT BOOTY BAND - Now You Know - Mooged Out Interview with Michelle
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2008
      The Prog-Rock Diner playlist 'menu' for 6/30/08:


      YO MAMA's BIG FAT BOOTY BAND - Now You Know - Mooged Out

      Interview with Michelle Moog-Koussa

      RUBY SLIPPERS - Me Have Fun - Mooged Out
      THE RED MASQUE - The Worm - Fossil Eyes
      THE RED MASQUE - Carbon 13 - Fossil Eyes

      Interview with The Red Masque:Lynnette,Brandon,Vonorn

      THE RED MASQUE - Polyphemus - Fossil Eyes
      AIN SOPH - Shadow Picture - 5 or 9 Five Evolved From Nine
      CHEER-ACCIDENT - Fat Dog's Gonna Hatch - Dumb Ask
      ABIGAIL's GHOST - Close - Selling Insincerity
      VON FRICKLE - Miles - Feeding The Organic Computer
      HOLDING PATTERN - Honor Before Glory - Holding Pattern
      CANVAS SOLARIS - Photovoltaic - The Atomized Dream
      CANVAS SOLARIS - (a portion of) Solar Droid - The Atomized Dream

      Thanks for joining me at the 'diner'! See you next week.

      Deb S.
      "The Prog-Rock Diner"
      www.fcac.org/webr Mondays 5-7pm EST

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