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Re: music is good therapy

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  • Bob Eichler / Michele Matthews
    In the last digest, Eric Baillargeon wrote: [snip] ... [snip] ... I wonder what they considered pleasant ? Sounds like they re talking
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 10, 1998
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      In the last digest, Eric Baillargeon <ericb@...> wrote:

      >As the music increased in unpleasantness, an area on the
      >On the other hand, as the music increased in pleasantness,

      I wonder what they considered "pleasant"? Sounds like they're
      talking elevator-music here. Personally, that stuff would activate
      the "kill" center of my brain... ;-)


      >Schlaug and fellow researchers used magnetic resonance
      >imaging to compare the brains of 32 right-handed musicians with 24
      >right-handed men who did not play instruments.

      >In another study, Lawrence Parsons and colleagues at the
      >University of Texas in San Antonio found that an area on the right side
      >of the brain interprets written musical notes and passages.
      >Eight right-handed faculty conductors were scanned as they

      Seriously though, I wonder if the fact that I'm left handed is why
      I tend to enjoy "unpleasent, clashing" music as much as "pleasent"
      music (if not more). I wonder why they specifically selected right
      handed people for these tests.

      -- Bob "Bice" Eichler
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