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Re: [ProgAndOther] The E's Continued And The Start Of The F's........

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  • stevesly@aol.com
    ... I actually have this album, and you re the only person I ve ever seen mention it. The crazy thing is, looking at the cover, it looks like it should be
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 1, 2007
      Noah wrote:
      > 281. MADS ERIKSEN – SUBURBAN COWBOY – 1997

      I actually have this album, and you're the only person I've ever seen
      mention it. The crazy thing is, looking at the cover, it looks like it
      should be completely terrible, but it is actually really good. If I
      recall correctly, this ended up at WRUR during the brief period when I
      had a radio show in Rochester, and I picked it up when they pitched it.<<
      I don't remember exactly where I found out about this guy.  I think he has quite a few albums out but this is the only one I own.  I agree the cover is not really indicative of what is inside.
      >>I'll grant you that. I should make a point of picking this up used
      some point (shouldn't be hard), as I do enjoy what I've heard of this.
      Acts like Evanescence, System of a Down and Mars Volta having commercial
      success gives me hope for the future.<<
      Yes, this album is all over the place used.  They have a new one out, but I don't have it.  I like what I have heard from it however.  I'll be getting to both System and Mars Volta later in my reviews.
      > 287. FATES WARNING – DISCONNECTED – 2000

      This is probably my single favorite Fates Warning album. Absolutely
      marvellous use of mood throughout, some really great playing from
      everyone involved, and Ray Alder's voice is in great form. Reminiscent
      of Queensryche' s "Promised Land", and not just because that one also has
      a song called "Disconnected" on it.<<
      Interesting that you compare it to "Promised Land" as both albums are favorites of mine, but seem to get real mixed reactions from fans of the bands.
      > 288. FATES WARNING – X – 2004

      Eh. This was a big disappointment to me, after the albums that
      immediately preceded it; seems like the best of Matheos' compositions
      lately have been going to OSI.<<
      I would agree that it is not as good as the two previous studio albums, but I still like it a lot.
      Steve Sly
      ProgDay 2007
      (NP - QOPH - Pryola)

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