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ProgQuebec's Unwanted Children Part 1 - Toubabou

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  • the_original_ib
    Hello, and welcome to the first installment of a five part series on ProgQuebec s worst selling titles. Fear not, we are not going bankrupt, and I haven t lost
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2006
      Hello, and welcome to the first installment of a five part series on
      ProgQuebec's worst selling titles. Fear not, we are not going
      bankrupt, and I haven't lost my mind. However there is a correlation
      between the titles people talk about and the titles that buy. The more
      releases we have that break even (or wow, make money), the better able
      we are to continue our work for years to come. Everybody knows and
      talks about the Pollens, Maneiges, and Contractions. This series is
      devoted to the less loved of our releases, so that more people can
      find out about them. Here is part 1, on Toubabou.

      Toubabou was a mixture of African music and a bunch of Quebec
      musicians interested in jazz and funk. Full biographical information
      is available here: http://www.progquebec.com/toubabou.html . Two
      members of this group, Robert Stanley and Denis Farmer, also played
      with Harmonium and Contraction, and there was also member cross-over
      with VEBB. The music is a true world fusion years ahead of its time,
      comparable to Osibisa or perhaps even Embryo, dipping its tentacles
      into jazz, prog, rock, and funk.


      Some reviews of Toubabou:

      Brandon Wu, http://www.progreviews.com/reviews/display.php?rev=tou-att
      "I know I will be in the minority here, but Attente is easily my
      favorite of all ProgQuébec's excellent reissues thus far."

      Yves Dube,
      "The folks of ProgresSon Québec avoid the sophomore jinx and release
      yet another gem from the very rich annals of the Québecois musical
      scene of the 70s."

      James Unger, http://www.geocities.com/asdfasedf2/
      "The end result is an amazing and highly original live mix of folk,
      prog and world music…I have always considered Toubabou Canada's answer
      to Osibisa. A true musical smelting pot of modern rock and African

      Francois Couture, All Music Guide:
      "Both of these gems deserve wider international attention."

      Mike Ezzo, Expose Magazine:
      "On the strength of Attente alone this double CD is absolutely worth
      your while -- by one of the very top Canadian groups I've ever heard."


      Our 2004 reissue includes both their albums on a 2-CD set (it wouldn't
      fit on one). In order to add value to the reissue we included video
      clips of five of their songs as multimedia that you can play on your
      computer (in other words they are enhanced CDs). One of those songs is
      not on either CD, so it's a totally new piece!

      When we did the reissue the band got together one last time for a
      concert at the Kola Note in Montreal. Denis Farmer had passed away and
      Robert Stanley was nowhere to be found, but Michel Seguin, Lise
      Cousineau, Michel Dion, and Yvan Ouellet were there to do the material
      justice. It was a seriously excellent show and got a pretty good
      turnout because Michel still has many friends in Montreal.

      Although sales of this title have been our lightest, we had a nice
      surprise last year when the Dusty Groove, a Chicago-based jazz mail
      order, contacted us and told us one of their customers had recommended
      they carry it. To this day they are our best customer for the release.
      I've tried contacting a few other jazz mailorders and they usually say
      "ProgQuebec.. ya right." Oh well :).

      So if you've read this far and are interested in checking them out,
      sound samples are available on our web-site, and you can order from
      any of the following guys who carry it:

      * Dusty Groove (USA)
      * Marquee (Japan)
      * Syn-Phonic (USA)
      * Wayside (USA)
      * Laser's Edge (USA)
      * Kinesis (USA)
      * Disk Union (Japan)
      * Big Balloon Music (USA)
      * Record Heaven (Sweden)
      * ZNR (USA)
      * Eventyr Records (Italy)
      * Of Sound Mind (USA)
      * Music By Mail (Denmark)

      Thanks to everyone who supports us!

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