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Fwd: R.E.M., King Crimson vets form Slow Music

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    Whoa... I didn t see this one coming! -Neb ... wrote: From Billboard.com: http://makeashorterlink.com/?A2285480D Greg Prato, N.Y. Comprised of R.E.M. guitarist
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2006
      Whoa... I didn't see this one coming!

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      From Billboard.com:
      Greg Prato, N.Y.

      Comprised of R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck, King Crimson guitarist
      Robert Fripp, and ex-Ministry/current-R.E.M. drummer Bill Rieflin,
      Slow Music is one of the more unlikely rock collaborations to emerge
      in some time. The completely improvised band also features
      keyboardist Hector Zazu, bassist Fred Chalenor and drummer Matt

      "It's based on the idea of space, rather than filling space,"
      Rieflin tells Billboard.com. "In an improvised context, instead of
      saying, 'Hey, play this,' I'm saying, 'If you don't know what to do,
      play nothing.' With six guys on stage, there's going to be at least
      one person to try and keep the ball rolling. Whereas so-called
      ambient or textural music ideas tend to live in a programmed
      context, I wanted to put it in a performing and playing context with
      musicians. In a way, it's a challenge for the musicians to learn how
      to work with space."

      With shows coming up in May, Slow Music has also assembled a debut
      recording, "Live at the Croc," taped last October at Seattle's
      Crocodile Cafe. "Right now, this is just a limited edition kind of a
      deal," Rieflin says. "There will be an expanded version for sale
      commercially -- it'll come out somehow, somewhere. I've been talking
      to a few people about it." Since the music is completely improvised,
      there are no set song titles.

      Although the upcoming mini-tour focuses primarily on the West Coast,
      further dates always remain a possibility. "We're taking it one step
      at a time," Rieflin says. "We did one show last October. Everyone
      was very excited about it, so the next step is to jog down the
      coast, and if everyone is still talking to each other at the end of
      that, we'll see if we can take it somewhere else."

      As for R.E.M., for which Rieflin has manned the drums since 2003,
      Rieflin reveals, "The band's on hiatus. The idea at the end of the
      last tour, which ended in July, was really to take a year off,
      without having to even think about it. There was a three-year period
      of quite intense work, [so this is] some needed time off. There's
      some discussion about cranking things up in autumn, maybe winter."

      One former band Rieflin won't be collaborating with is Ministry, for
      which he drummed on classics like "Land of Rape and Honey"
      and "Psalm 69." "The chance of that happening are an absolute zero,"
      he insists. "There's no reason in hell for me to do it."

      Here are Slow Music's tour dates:

      May 5: Portland, Ore. (Aladdin Theatre)
      May 6: Seattle (Showbox)
      May 9: San Francisco (Great American Music Hall)
      May 12: San Juan Capistrano, Calif. (Coach House)
      May 13: Los Angeles (El Rey Theatre)

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