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Guapo at ProgDay X!

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  • ronprog666
    Guapo, the British trio that plays an intense, emotive and sometimes harrowing music, will perform at ProgDay X, the 10th International Festival of Progressive
    Message 1 of 2 , May 31, 2004
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      Guapo, the British trio that plays an intense, emotive and sometimes
      harrowing music, will perform at ProgDay X, the 10th International
      Festival of Progressive Rock, Labor Day Weekend, September 4-5,
      2004, at Storybook Farm near Chapel Hill, NC. Guapo's music
      straddles the boundaries of progressive, noise, minimalism and avant-
      rock. Indeed their sound has been compared to such artists as
      Magma, Boredoms, King Crimson, Univers Zero, This Heat, Ruins, Sun
      Ra and Terry Riley. Their latest release, Five Suns, is the band's
      fifth album and its first on Cuneiform. The main body of the record
      consists of a single piece of music, "Five Suns," clocking in at 46
      minutes. Five Suns is Guapo's most apocalyptic and dynamically
      accomplished work to date, bringing a new sense of sonic and spatial
      awareness to the band's trademark sensibilities of complex song
      structures, harmonic atonality and percussive mantras.

      Active since 1994, Guapo released several 7" singles on its own
      label, Power Tool, before releasing its first full-length album,
      Towers Open Fire in 1997. Other releases include Hirohito (1998)
      and Death Seed which was recorded with partners Ruins and Caroline
      Kraabel and John Edwards (of Shock Exchange). They spent a large
      part of 1999 & 2000 building their own recording and rehearsal
      studio complex, Zed One Studios, in conjunction with their long term
      producer Pete Lyons. The first recording to come out of Zed One was
      Great Sage, Equal of Heaven (2001) featuring again contributions of
      Kraabel and Edwards. The album garnered much critical praise, from
      The Wire ("sipping from the same dark chalice that intoxicated
      Lark's Tongues era King Crimson...Guapo move between reference and
      reappraisal with an ease that recalls the Sun City Girls' excursions
      into Eastern -tinged psychedelia"), the Sound Projector ("Guapo come
      on like all the hellhounds of Magma, Eskaton and Ruins were after
      them, driving them to some kind of world music hell, This succeeds
      where so many pretenders falter.on a par with Magma's Kohntarkosz or
      Univers Zero's Ceux du Dehors") and others.

      Late 2001 saw the band expand back to a trio - the band's current
      lineup with the addition of keyboardist Daniel O'Sullivan;
      O'Sullivan leads an ensemble, Doktor Miasma, that Matt Thompson
      (Guapo's bass, guitar, electronics) and Dave Smith (Guapo's drums,
      percussion) had been playing in. The first recording this trio
      released was The Ducks and Drakes of Guapo and Cerberus Shoal

      The Five Suns recordings make use of vintage equipment such as
      Fender Rhodes, mellotron, Moogs and gongs to create a colour
      saturated patchwork of epic, primordial beauty. The new
      instrumentation has allowed for an opening out of the sound into
      more ambitious vistas, where progressive influences are turned on
      their head by both the infusion of hard-core rock energy and the use
      of hypnotic, trancelike repetition.

      Guapo's intense live show continues to progress and expand, as the
      influences heard on the records are thrown into the air and
      reassembled as an incendiary mixture of plate-spinning dexterity,
      telepathic instrumental interplay and extreme avant-noise. The
      concert performances can in fact be seen as a microcosm of the
      recorded output of Guapo, which continues to develop in unexpected
      directions and blend seemingly disparate influences into a cohesive

      Guapo joins an all star lineup at ProgDay X that includes Focus,
      Amon Duul II, Trettioariga Kriget, Mats/Morgan Band, Cabezas de
      Cera, Amarok, and Farquhar. ProgDay X is the tenth anniversary
      celebration of the world's longest running progressive rock
      festival. It is held annually in the open air at beautiful Storybook
      Farm near Chapel Hill, NC over Labor Day weekend, September 4 - 5.
      The festival is financed, operated, and promoted by volunteers.
      Discount tickets are now available at www.progday.com, including the
      new Patron Ticket that includes a chance at preferred parking and
      other goodies. Interested in helping with the festival? Join us at
    • progjeff2000
      ... WOW! What a surprise!!!
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 1, 2004
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        --- In ProgAndOther@yahoogroups.com, "ronprog666" <ron@l...> wrote:
        > Guapo, the British trio that plays an intense, emotive and sometimes
        > harrowing music, will perform at ProgDay X

        WOW! What a surprise!!!
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