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New Album Pre-Orders/Sound Samples Now Available

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  • The Red Masque
    May 29 , 2004 Pre-Orders for The Red Masque s New Album Now Available! The new CD by THE RED MASQUE, FEATHERS FOR FLESH is now available for preorder. Click
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      May 29 , 2004
      Pre-Orders for The Red Masque's New Album Now Available!

      The new CD by THE RED MASQUE, "FEATHERS FOR FLESH" is now available
      for preorder. Click http://bigballoonmusic.safeshopper.com/4/1038.htm
      to reserve your copy today. Official release date is July 9th, 2004.
      You can hear some sound files in Windows Media format by clicking
      www.bigballoonmusic.com/BigBalloonReleases.htm and there will be mp3
      clips soon at the band's web site at www.theredmasque.com.

      Members of The Red Masque will be at the Big Balloon Music vendor
      table at the Northeast Art Rock Festival (NEAR FEST) on July 10-11
      and will be selling and autographing the new CD. If you are going to
      be at NEARfest, you can preorder and pay for the CD now and pick it
      up at the Big Balloon vendor table at the festival, and you don't
      have to pay for shipping. Make sure you mention this in the comments
      section at checkout at www.bigballoonmusic.com.

      The new album, available in CD format, is $13.00 and has a total
      running time of 54:32. SeaofTranquility.org, one of the Web's premier
      music review sites, will be showcasing "Feathers for Flesh" in a
      roundtable review shortly. In addition, look for the full page Big
      Balloon/TRM ad in the summer 2004 issue of Progression magazine
      (availabe in July).

      "Feathers for Flesh" is an avant rock gem and is the band's most
      sophisticated and sinister album to date. With monster bass lines,
      thunderous and intricate drum work, slinky and psychedelic guitar
      craft, unique vocals, creep organ keyboards, mutated mellotrons, and
      a masterful arsenol of unexpected aural sound effects utilizing non-
      traditional rock instrumentation (everything from the Chinese erhu to
      the bowed psaltery, pots and pans, and a slinky toy). Engineered by
      bandmembers Vonorn and Kiarash Emami, and produced by Vonorn at his
      studio, the sound quality of the album is top-knotch and is sure to
      please audiophiles. The cd, which features an 8-page full-color
      booklet, was designed by bandmember Lynnette Shelley, and is complete
      with original illustrations, photographs, and lyrics.

      Track Listing information:

      HOUSE of ASH (12.07)
      i. Corridors
      ii. Judgement
      iii. The King's Lament Pt. 1
      iv. The King's Lament Pt. 2

      PASSAGE (14.12)

      i. The Summoning
      ii. Outscream
      iii. Vacant

      BEGGARS & THIEVES (9.38)


      The band is pleased to be finally releasing what they consider to be
      their finest album and hopes you will enjoy the culmination of almost
      a year's effort in both the studio and in songwriting and rehearsals.

      Thank you,
      The Red Masque
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