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World Premier of new Woodenhead, David Cross 1997 interview, Frank Gambale, Michelle Young, SFF, Lana Lane, Pete Sinfield

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  • gagliarchives@yahoo.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2003
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      Click Here To listen Saturday night @ 10pm-2am
      Eastern at WBZC.org:


      Click Here To Listen Through Aural Moon Radio:

      Instant message us through AOL IM = GAGLIARCHIVES

      http://live.str3am.com:2010/ (Broadbanders)

      http://live.str3am.com:2020/ (Dial Uppers)

      Our Stations: 88.9FM and 95.1FM in the Delaware
      Valley (NJ/PA/DE)

      Our website:

      Join the GAGLIARCHIVES this Saturday night, 3/01/03, at 10pm EST, for program
      785. As we approach our 800th show in June, we will be featuring some
      interesting flashbacks over the last 11 years of our program. This Saturday,
      we flashback to 1997 and our interview with Ex-King Crimson member David
      Cross as he joined us to discuss his solo album Exiles...We will world
      premier the new Woodenhead CD Perseverance as they announce their show at
      Club Conduit prior to Nearfest...we'll also feature music from Izz and
      Miriodor as they share the bill...we'll also premier the new Lana Lane CD
      titled Covers Collection...we'll also feature music from Italian label Mellow
      Records and the La Maschera Di Cera...music from vocalist Michelle Young and
      the Marked For Madness CD...The month of March is our guitarist's focus...we
      will feature fusion guitarist from California Frank Gambale...we will
      celebrate the birthdays of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour and Yes bassist
      Chris Squire...we'll be walking into the vaults with music from original King
      Crimson lyricist Pete Sinfield and the Stillillusion album released this week
      in 1973...music from classic German trio Schicke, Fuhrs, and Frohling and the
      Symphonic Pictures album released this week in 1976...Emerson, Lake, and
      Palmer's Works Volume I released this week in 1977 and music from Isotope and
      the Deep End album....lots of other surprises...
      Thomas Gagliardi Host/Producer

      "....if I could change to liquid I could fill the cracks up in the rock, I
      know that I am solid, and I am my own bad luck....."
      Genesis--In The Cage 1974


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