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Chris Cutler, Philly Underground Music & Culture Fest & Other TRM GIGS

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  • The Red Masque <theredmasque@yahoo.com>
    The Red Masque Concert Update Greetings from Philadelphia-area dark art rock band The Red Masque. We are currently in the midst of organizing our Late
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2003
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      The Red Masque Concert Update
      Greetings from Philadelphia-area dark art rock band The Red Masque.
      We are currently in the midst of organizing our Late
      Winter/Spring/Summer schedule and have a few shows to announce at
      this time.

      Saturday 3.08.03: 2003 Philadelphia Underground Music & Culture
      Festival. Sedgwick Cultural Center, 7137 Germantown Ave.,
      Philadelphia, PA 19119; 215-248-9229. 7pm. $10 in advance/$12 at the
      door. With IZZ, Dreadnaught, and Second Sufis. Details provided at
      the end of this post.

      Saturday 3.22.03: Blvd Deli, 5218 W. Broad St., Richmond, VA. With
      Another Pretty Face and Girlush Figure. $5. 9pm. Order tickets in
      advance or at the door. Note: Tickets are selling fast as this is the
      Blvd Deli's Anniversary Show. Email anotherprettyfacemusic@...
      for details.

      Sunday 3.23.03: Sedgwick Cultural Center, 7137 Germantown Ave.,
      Philadelphia, PA 19119; 215-248-9229. 7:30pm. Opening for Chris
      Cutler (of Henry Cow). Tickets will be sold in advance or at the
      door. Ticket price TBA. All ages.

      Monday 3.24.03: The Tritone, 1508 South Street, Philadelphia, PA
      19146; 215-545-0475. With The Crime (ex AKASH), opening for special
      guest TBA.

      Saturday 3.29.03: NJ ProgHouse, AKA The Metlar - Bodine House Museum,
      1281 River Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854. $20. 8pm. Order tickets in
      advance. Only 30 tickets will be sold for this special intimate TRM-
      only performance. Order tickets by emailing njproghouse@...

      Thursday 4.10.03: Lowell Brewery, Lowell, Mass. Details TBA.
      Sponsored by NEW EARS (New England Art Rock Society). 8pm. See
      www.newears.org. $3. Buy tickets in advance or at the door. Email
      newears625@... for details.

      2003 Philadelphia Underground Music & Culture Festival

      WHEN: March 8 . 7pm. $10 advance tickets/$12 at the door
      WHERE: Sedgwick Cultural Center, 7137 Germantown Avenue,
      Philadelphia, PA 19119; 215-248-9229;www.sedgwickcenter.org.
      CONTACT: info@...;theredmasque@...

      Event Information
      The Sedgwick Cultural Center will host the second annual PUMC
      Festival celebrating the spirit of underground music and culture.
      This unique, one-day event will bring together musicians and fans
      from all across the country on March 8, at 7pm. The festival will
      offer daring bands that are in the vanguard of the underground music
      community; an art film presentation, dancers and firebreathers and
      other performance artists; and unique vendors area featuring indie
      label CDs, ethnic food, alternative arts, unique gifts, information
      and other entertainment.


      The music of bass guitarist/composer Bob Lord and Dreadnaught - known
      as `progabilly,' a term coined to describe the band's singular fusion
      of old school progressive rock, Americana, classical, and jazz - has
      captivated audiences, musicians, and critics alike. Over the last 6
      years and 3 studio albums, Dreadnaught has steadily become one of the
      most innovative and acclaimed young bands to emerge from the American
      music scene; their latest release THE AMERICAN STANDARD (Red Fez
      Records) has helped them earn `best album' and `best band'
      nominations and awards from publication after publication, including
      the Portland Phoenix, Portsmouth Herald, Progressive Rock Reviews,
      JAM Music Magazine, ProgressiveWorld.net, and Progressor.net. In
      addition, the album has garnered rave reviews throughout the US,
      England, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Mexico, Brazil,
      Canada, and – believe it or not – Uzbekistan.

      From the frantically heavy King Crimson and Bach-inspired
      opener "Ballbuster" to the pastoral Yes and Aaron Copland-esque
      strains of "Derby Days," Dreadnaught's groundbreaking third album THE
      AMERICAN STANDARD pulls absolutely no punches. Recorded with longtime
      engineer Shaun Frenchie Michaud of Event (Inside Out Records) and
      Andy Happel of Thanks to Gravity (former Capitol Records) and
      featuring cover art by the Brothers Hildebrandt (Lord of the Rings,
      Star Wars), the album was released by Red Fez Records on 17 November
      2001 and has since gone into a second pressing.

      Bob has toured extensively with Dreadnaught (including two different
      month-long national tours in 2002 alone), booking, playing, and road
      managing over 300 shows across 20 states since the tick of the
      millennium clock; the management experience and general business
      acumen acquired over his 14-year career has proven to be as essential
      to Dreadnaught's success as his compositional skills and instrumental
      proficiency. In addition to moonlighting as the bass guitarist for
      Thanks to Gravity and rock/soul outfit King Syracuse with Ed Jurdi,
      Bob has shared a stage with artists as diverse as John Entwistle of
      the Who, the California Guitar Trio, Duke Robillard, Strangefolk, and
      a very odd fellow from NYC who lip-syncs his own material and goes by
      the name of Valkyrie.

      Dreadnaught is currently in post-production for a double-disc live
      album to be released worldwide this spring on the Italian label Comet
      Records, and Bob is currently working on composing the score for the
      independent motion picture THE MUSHING MILL.


      Event organizers, The Red Masque are a dark, theatrical avant rock
      band from the Philadelphia community with gothic, psychedelic and
      space rock influences, who are fast achieving a cult status within
      the underground art rock community. Performing at such prestigious
      events as the 2001 World Con Science Fiction Convention and the 2001
      Prelude to the North East Art Rock Festival, The Red Masque's offer
      truly innovative "art rock to scare the neighbors with", as well as
      utilize a wide variety of instrumentation: celtic concert harp, toy
      dolls, found percussion, indian snake charmer flutes, death's head
      rattles, bass, guitar, mandolin, keyboards and horns and vocals. In
      addition, their latest album, VICTORIA AND THE HARUSPEX, has been
      appearing on numerous Top 10 lists for 2002. The Red Masque fans may
      be interested to know that bassist/keyboardist/acoustic guitar player
      Brandon Ross' younger brother Doug Ross, will be performing acoustic
      guitar in the vendors area in-between performances. In addition, The
      Red Masque will be bringing special guest performers with them on
      stage for this event.


      Second Sufis, a duo from Connecticut, offer
      progressive/experimental/world ambient music that traverses mystical
      realms as often as it expands mental dimensions. Their music grows
      out of progressive rock and ambient music. The one constant in their
      music is change, and each release is a vastly different listening
      experience from the others. The often poly-rhythmic, poly-ethnic,
      pieces act as springboards for group improvisation.


      According to All Music Guide's review by Gary Hill, New York's IZZ
      is "Definitely progressive rock in the '70s tradition, this [band]
      takes elements of many classic prog bands and combines them into a
      mix all their own. Yes, Genesis, UK, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, King
      Crimson, and Renaissance are among the bands who Izz seem to look to
      for stylistic inspiration." If you like rock music with strong vocal
      harmonies and finley-composed song structures, IZZ is well-worth your


      Ticket Ordering Information

      Tickets will be available in advance by phone from the Sedgwick (215-
      248-9229), as well as at the door. Admission is $10 in advance and
      $12 at the door and will be limited to 300 people. For additional
      details, press inquiries or questions about the event, please email
      festival organizers, The Red Masque, at theredmasque@....

      Chestnut Hill Hotel
      8229 Germantown Avenue
      Philadelphia, PA 19118

      Silverstone Bed & Breakfast
      8840 Stenton Avenue, Chestnut Hill
      Philadelphia. PA 19118

      More nearby hotels can be found through these links:

      Thank You,

      The Red Masque

      CDS available through Musea.com, BigBalloonMusic.com, ZNRCDS.com and
      SonicCathedral.com. Free downloads available through
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