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Fw: [e-Prog] Madrugada

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  • Pete
    Can anyone help this guy out? Pete ... From: Dario Axelrud
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2002
      Can anyone help this guy out?
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      From: "Dario Axelrud" <daxelrud@...>

      > Many years ago, I received a cassette tape of this band's Italian
      > Prog LP....Incastro. I have worn the tape out as there are some
      > strong cuts on the release (1974, I think). Anyone have a vinyl copy
      > to sell? I am pretty certain that it has never been released on CD, I
      > like vinyl anyway. I have only picked up a single from the album.
      > Incidentally, if you believe that this band just "sounds like
      > CSN&Y"....it aint true, hardly an accurate description but I think
      > this reference was made in a book and most took it for granted.
      > So what do they sound like ?
      > Best proggy regards,
      > Dário "IQ" Axelrud .
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