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liner notes from jerry keller

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  • Jerry Keller
    hi everyone . here are my thoughts on my tape. i m more interested in hearing what you guys think. since i ve made the tape i ve run across albums that i said
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 1999
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      hi everyone . here are my thoughts on my tape. i'm more interested in hearing what you guys think. since i've made the tape i've run across albums that i said to myself, i should have put that on (as i'm sure you have too) but that will have to wait for the next tape. btw, i've found all the liner notes most interesting. this was a great idea.
      here goes.

      paul kantner blows against the empire
      1 have you seen the stars tonite
      2 xm (sound effects) the star ship takes off. only about a minute
      3 starship
      if you've read my review, it is apparent that i love this album. great vocals and harmonies, stupid story line but interesting. my fondness for it probably has as much to do with the period of my life in which i first heard it as much as the music itself. definitely one of my most played albums.

      flash flash
      4 small beginnings
      this group was formed by peter banks and tony kaye after they were launched from yes. very yessish but what would you expect. the album, imo, is solid throughout with this being my favorite.interestingly, i heard this alot in the summer of '75, as i was renting a summer house with a group of guys and one had it. then i didn't hear it for 20 years.
      mahavishnu orchestra birds of fire
      5 birds of fire
      inner mounting flame
      6 meeting of the spirits
      if you like progressive jazz-rock with killer guitar you might get blown away by these. the whole band is super. of the two albums, IMF is stronger,imo
      shadowfax too far to whisper
      7 too far to whisper
      i guess this would be called "new age". nice stuff dominated by violin. this stands ou out in my collection as the last vinyl album i bought.
      strawbs no madness
      8 to be free
      this is not one of my favorite strawb albums, but might be my favorite strawb song. kind of a fun song with fun lyrics.
      starcastle starcastle
      9 forces
      a yes clone, imo. but good anyway i saw them live once and their vocals were not as good as heard when done in the studio. very tight instrumentally.
      gentle giant three friends
      10 working all day
      gentle giant live(playing the fool)
      11 on reflection
      tremendous musicians with great vocals in an off key way. i've got to be in the mood for gg, but when i am, this stuff is primo.
      triumvirate sparticus
      12 school of instant pain
      they are, imo an elp clone. however, i have no problems with that if its good and this is.
      johnny winter second winter
      13 high way 61 revisited winter takes this dylan song and rocks. when i want my spirits lifted, sometimes this is the first thing i go to.
      god to abraham, kill me your son
      abe said, man you must be putting me on
      god said no and abe said what
      god said,you can do what you want abe but now
      next time you see me coming round, you'd better run.
      abe said, where do you want this killing done
      and god said down on highway 61.

      cirque du soleil mystere
      14 rondo double face
      dispite the fact, i saw the show, i think this holds up on its own. i like it alot.
      james gang 16 greatest hits
      15 ashes, the rain and i
      16 collage
      because of songs like funk 49 and rocky mountain way, i think joe walsh is thought of mostly as a rocker (he certainly can be) but by examining his stuff with the eagles, barnstorm and james gang, he can do some pretty stuff. heres two. heres two of them.
      focus focus 3
      17 amonomous ii
      this is a song of about 25 minutes running on two sides of the vinyl. i think i got the best section of it.
      dixie dregs night of the living dregs
      18 country house shuffle
      they are one of the best bands, imo. tremendous musicians. but most of you already know that.
      mothers of invention live at the fillmore
      19 honey, don't you want a man like me
      frank zappa cheap thrills
      20 my guitar wants to kill your mamma
      zappa, he's such a sensitive guy. enough said
      mike oldfield exposed
      21 tubular bells (to end of tape)
      the tubular bells man is back. watch out for the spinning heads and the pea soup puke.

      thats it. i hope you all enjoy it

      btw. i never wrote this down so i had to do this from memory. the order of songs might be wrong
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