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After techno, Azigza, Scenes, Encores

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  • eichler@epix.net
    ... Just to make sure we re not talking at cross-purposes here, I meant to say that I actually kind of like the technoish stuff they did at the beginning of
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2001
      In digest #1116, stevesly@... wrote:
      > Bob wrote:
      >>NP: After Crying's NF set. Am I the only one who wasn't
      >>totally put off by the "techno" aspects of the first half
      >>of their set?
      > I found the first half of their set to be rather dull as well.

      Just to make sure we're not talking at cross-purposes here, I
      meant to say that I actually kind of like the "technoish" stuff
      they did at the beginning of the set. It was something different,
      at least. What I could have done without was the half-hour long
      Emerson tribute at the end, which is even more painful in the
      RealAudio broadcast with the glitch that makes it more like
      45-50 minutes long.

      > Steve Sly
      > (NP - Azigza - Azigza)

      I've noticed that you've been playing that one a lot. So far all
      opinions I've heard of Azigza have been good - what do you think?

      Scott Storey <scott.storey@...> wrote:

      > I also picked up
      > Dream Theatre's Scenes From New York. I've not watched all of it
      > either, but I did watch the Change Of Seasons bonus piece. I've
      > always been able to appreciate Petrucci's playing because the
      > guitar is so "out in front". But with the video, I was able to see
      > what a bass playing monster Myung is....holy shit. Anyway, I
      > recommend both videos if you got the dough to blow.

      The Deja Vroom DVD is really good (I just wish they hadn't done
      a fade-out between every song), but I think I'll skip the Dream
      Theater one. A few weeks ago I finally found a cheap used copy
      of "Scenes From a Memory" so I picked it up and...lets just say
      it's not my favorite album of theirs. I knew it was going to
      be trouble right off the bat, with that cheesy hypnotist dialog
      at the beginning.

      And now, the encore to this post:

      Zero the Hero <jeller@...> wrote:
      > Encores are a stupid rock star convention that should be abolished
      > forever worldwide. Fans go on screaming and hollering as if
      > they're going to make a difference to the band's plans anyway...

      Some stand-up comedian I saw years ago (forget who now) had a good
      bit about rock concert encores. Something like "I went to see
      Ozzy Osborne, and after the main set he left the stage. Came
      back about five minutes later and acted all surprised to see
      the audience still there. He stepped up to the mic and said
      'You won't leave!' I yelled back 'You won't turn the fucking
      lights on!'

      -- Bob "Bice" Eichler

      NP: "Say Yes", a pretty good Yes bootleg from the Union tour
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