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  • mamouna@hotmail.com
    Hello Mark, First of all, you can not or should not compare different artists because they charge different amounts for their shows, nor should you compare the
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      Hello Mark,

      First of all, you can not or should not compare different artists
      because they charge different amounts for their shows, nor should you
      compare the expenses to be paid in different cities because sound and
      lighting technicians charge different amounts, depending on the
      equipment they use and the backline they rent to make things happen.
      Venues also charge different amounts and some may even dip in the
      organizer's earnings or the amount of tickets sold (percentage wise),
      aside from the amount they charge to rent the hall, amphitheater,
      etc. Another factor to take into consideration may be that since
      each city has its own tax policy, on one city it may cost a lot more
      to put on a show than on the other. Sponsorships bring down the
      costs of putting on a show... the more you have the better, however
      you should take into consideration that not everybody is a good
      negotiator. Lastly, each promoter may weight the failure risk of
      putting on a concert by charging more per ticket... Believe me I know
      all about it, I have produced several concerts here in Venezuela
      (After Crying, Rick Wakeman, Flower Kings, Camel and I will do Steve
      Hackett in July).

      On the other hand, you have non-profit festivals like Nearfest, that
      takes advantage of the shared equipment (backline), lighting,
      technicians, venue, etc... to bring down the overall costs and to put
      on a great series of shows without diminishing the quality of the
      entertainment. BTW, see you there... I have my ticket and will be
      flying all the way from Caracas, Venezuela.

      Best regards,

      Elliot Levy

      --- In ProgAndOther@y..., Mark Chapman <mchapman@l...> wrote:
      > > From: "Elliot Levy" <mamouna@h...>
      > > Subject: Re: Yes tix
      > > The band does not price the tickets to their shows... the concert
      > > organizer/producer is the one that after considering all of the
      > > costs decides how much will you pay to see the show, and thus you
      may find
      > > a great variation between the prices for the same concert in
      > > cities.
      > This makes sense on the surface, Elliott, but how can you
      adequately use this
      > logic to explain the $96 ticket cost that I mentioned for one venue
      for the Roxy
      > Music show compared to the $34 Yes ticket at a very similarly sized
      venue (both
      > indoor/outdoor concert "amphiteaters" outside of Washington, DC),
      and the Yes
      > show/summer tour includes a 50-piece orchestra? Maybe I'm missing
      some important
      > details, but I'm no idiot. Bryan Ferry last did a show in
      Washington, DC at a
      > nightclub called the 9:30 Club. I would have gladly paid $30-$50 to
      see Roxy
      > Music in a small venue like this, but no way am I going to pay
      $100, when there
      > are dozens and dozens of other good shows to be seen in the next
      few months at a
      > fraction of this cost. And just as another point of reference, I
      will be happily
      > spending $300-$400 for tickets and a hotel room to attend NEARFest
      in June, not
      > including the effort and expense to drive about 350 miles round-
      trip. (Note: $50
      > tickets for Roxy Music were available, but in really crappy
      locations ~ very far
      > to the sides of the amphitheater.)
      > ~Chaps
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