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Progday 2001 Band #2 Official Announcment

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  • stevesly@aol.com
        Polydactyl is the dynamic new fusion project arising out of the ashes of Raleigh s Ozone Quartet. The band s debut performance at last year s ProgDay
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          Polydactyl is the dynamic new fusion project arising out of the
      ashes of Raleigh's Ozone Quartet. The band's debut performance at last
      year's ProgDay pre-show left mouths on the floor, and served as a festival
      highlight for jazz-rock aficionados. This was not Ozone Quartet; it was
      their bigger, badder, hot-blooded brother! Polydactyl will be disappearing
      into the studio this Spring, with their first album scheduled for release
      by Summer's end. This is a band of considerable talent, with a growing
      following. They will open off Sunday's festivities, and open the ears of a
      brand new audience in the process.

          ProgDay 2001 will take place on the Labor Day weekend, September
      1 & 2, 2001. Located at beautiful Storybook Farm in Chapel Hill, North
      Carolina, ProgDay is the longest running North American progressive rock
      festival, dating back to 1995. Its unique outdoor environment has inspired
      countless stellar performances from the likes of Discipline, Finisterre
      and Thinking Plague. This, coupled with its festive atmosphere, has made
      it a long-time favorite of festival-goers.

          Tickets for ProgDay 2001 will go on sale May 1st. For more
      information on tickets, bands, or the festival in general, join our
      official e-newsletter by going to:


          ... or to our

      at http://www.progday.com.

      Steve Sly
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