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Re: French TV, Caryn Lin, Asia

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  • Stevesly@xxx.xxx
    ... but I think Howe is a seriously overrated guitarist, among prog-heads.
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 28, 1999
      Bob wrote:

      >>I know it's heresy,
      but I think Howe is a seriously overrated guitarist, among prog-heads.<<

      I don�t know if I would use the word overrated, as he is a great guitarist,
      but I have often had a bit of a problem with him too. I guess I am not a huge
      fan of his style, especially when he tries to play �heavier� stuff like he did
      with Asia. Another thing that bugs me about him, is that he always seems to
      be trying to improvise, even when it is not called for. When I saw Yes on the
      last tour he was constantly fiddling around with his parts, which I know some
      people love, but I just found it annoying. Howe shines the most when playing
      more delicate intricate pieces, but when a piece calls for a bit more �balls�
      I think Trevor Rabin blew him away. A good example is the �Going For The One�
      album. Howe is absolutely brilliant IMO on �Awaken�, �Wondrous Stories�, and
      �Turn Of The Century�, but on the �rockier� stuff like �Going For The One� and
      �Parallels� I don�t think he comes off nearly as well as I think Rabin's style
      probably would have fit those parts better.

      Steve Sly
      (NP - Gallahad - Decade)
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