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  • Brandon Wu
    Dec 1, 2000
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      --- eichler@e... wrote:
      > What, no mention of Boud Deun!?!? That's it, I'm not writing for
      > Ground and Sky any more. ;-)

      Well, I was kind of trying to avoid fusion bands, since the original
      poster mentioned a distaste of said genre...

      > So Godspeed and Mt. Zion feature violin? I'm gonna have to pick
      > up something by them. By odd coincidence, I just finished listening
      > to that sampler CDR you sent me, but I can't remember if the Silver
      > Mt. Zion track on that featured violin or not.

      Yeah, they use a lot of acoustic strings, but generally not in your
      usual melodic symphonic style. There's a ton of violin in that
      Silver Mt. Zion track I put on your disc :)

      GYBE! tend to bury their violin under noise - samples, static, or
      electric guitar noise - but it's still definitely there and adds
      some poignancy. ASMZ are much more stripped-down, with much less
      noise, and so the violin is more prominent.


      Ground and Sky Progressive Rock Informational Resource
      no: quaterna requiem, "velha gravura" (all this violin talk made me
      want to listen to this)
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