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  • Jerry Keller
    Dec 1, 2000
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      > Brandon Wu <brandon@...> wrote:
      > > Here's an interesting thread: groups that use violin prominently to
      > > good effect. Hmm... completely off the top of my head, I'd suggest
      > > Arti & Mestieri (even if you don't like fusion), Quaterna Requiem,
      > > Godspeed You Black Emperor (or, for even more violin, the spinoff A
      > > Silver Mt. Zion), along with the obvious choice of King Crimson.
      > What, no mention of Boud Deun!?!? That's it, I'm not writing for
      > Ground and Sky any more. ;-)
      > This list being a spin-off from the Kansas mailing list, that band
      > goes without saying...
      > Violinist Caryn Lin has two very nice solo albums >

      i can't really say i like tolerance of ambiguity but she can definitely

      The Gong album _Shapeshifter_ has some good violin work on it.
      > Zappa used various violinists to great effect here and there, most
      > notably Sugarcane Harris on _Hot Rats_ and _Weasels Ripped My Flesh_,
      > L. Shankar on the track "Thirteen" from one of the _You Can't Do
      > That On Stage Anymore_ discs, and Jean-Luc Ponty on some of the
      > tracks on _Lost Episodes_. Shankar and Ponty also both had solo
      > albums produced by Zappa, and both albums are really good.

      l shankar does some wonderful work with mclaughlin in shakti, as does ponty
      with the mahavishnu orchestra. a handful of pontys solo albums are superior.

      > Hmmm, there's got to be more in my collection (I really like
      > violin in prog), but that's all I can think of right now.

      how about jerry goodman from the original lineup of mahavishnu and now with
      the dregs. he kicked ass at the dt/dregs show last year.
      how about hollis brown from ozone quartet? another good one.
      your right about the violin in boud deun. excellent.

      btw, buy a couple of bluegrass albums. great fiddle playing there! i always
      liked a one on one between a banjo and a fiddle.

      np edgar winters white trash s/t
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