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  • eichler@epix.net
    Dec 1, 2000
      Brandon Wu <brandon@...> wrote:

      > Here's an interesting thread: groups that use violin prominently to
      > good effect. Hmm... completely off the top of my head, I'd suggest
      > Arti & Mestieri (even if you don't like fusion), Quaterna Requiem,
      > Godspeed You Black Emperor (or, for even more violin, the spinoff A
      > Silver Mt. Zion), along with the obvious choice of King Crimson.

      What, no mention of Boud Deun!?!? That's it, I'm not writing for
      Ground and Sky any more. ;-)

      This list being a spin-off from the Kansas mailing list, that band
      goes without saying...

      Violinist Caryn Lin has two very nice solo albums and also
      contributes to a few Project Lo tracks.

      The Gong album _Shapeshifter_ has some good violin work on it.

      Zappa used various violinists to great effect here and there, most
      notably Sugarcane Harris on _Hot Rats_ and _Weasels Ripped My Flesh_,
      L. Shankar on the track "Thirteen" from one of the _You Can't Do
      That On Stage Anymore_ discs, and Jean-Luc Ponty on some of the
      tracks on _Lost Episodes_. Shankar and Ponty also both had solo
      albums produced by Zappa, and both albums are really good.

      ELO usually used the violin as sweetener or window dressing, but
      there's some good stuff on their earliest albums - I particuarly
      like the violin solo in "Kuiama" from _ELO II_.

      Hmmm, there's got to be more in my collection (I really like
      violin in prog), but that's all I can think of right now.

      So Godspeed and Mt. Zion feature violin? I'm gonna have to pick
      up something by them. By odd coincidence, I just finished listening
      to that sampler CDR you sent me, but I can't remember if the Silver
      Mt. Zion track on that featured violin or not.

      -- Bob "Bice" Eichler

      NP: Zoogz Rift, _Villagers_ (I've begun the annual December
      listening to all my Zappa and Zappa-related discs. This year I'm
      going in reverse order, beginning with the FZ-related stuff, and
      then I'll go through his entire catalog backwards).
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