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  • Philip Griffiths
    Oct 1, 2000
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      Dear prog-rock fans!

      this is just a short mail to tell you about my band alias eye. We've
      just recorded our first CD called "beyond the mirror" and are hoping
      to get people interested in our music, which has its main influences in
      Spock's Beard, The Flower Kings, Marillion and Pink Floyd. It would be
      great if you
      could check out our homepage www.aliaseye.com and download one of our
      songs (premortal dance). The "music"-button will take you
      to our mp3-site where you can download the whole song. Thanks for
      the time to listen and if you like the music-send me an email
      and help spread the word!

      Hope to hear from you,

      Philip Griffiths, alias eye

      P.S. If you have problems accessing the website this link should (has
      to!) work:
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