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4904Re: Favorite Epic Song

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  • Stevesly@xxx.xxx
    Dec 1, 1999
      In a message dated 99-11-30 11:09:11 EST, you write:

      How about everyone's favorite epic(10 min.+)song?Any takers?
      My all time epic goes to"Close To The Edg >>

      For me, the ultimate prog epic would still have to be "Supper's Ready" from
      Genesis. Some others that come to mind:

      "Awaken" by Yes
      "This Strange Engine" by Marillion (I agree with Grace on this one!)
      "Imp's Tale" by Crucible
      "Pirates" by Emerson Lake And Palmer
      "The Water" by Spock's Beard
      "The Light" by Spock's Beard
      "Mind Drive" by Yes

      Full albums that are basically all one long "Epic"

      Jethro Tull - "Thick As A Brick"
      Queensryche - "Operation Mindcrime"
      Marillion - "Misplaced Childhood"
      Arena - "The Visitor"
      Pink Floyd - "The Wall"
      Pink Floyd - "Darkside Of The Moon"
      Salem Hill - "The Robbery Of Murder"
      Dream Theater - "Scenes From A Memory"
      Savatage - "In The Wake Of Magellan"
      Ayreon - "Into The Electric Castle"

      I am sure I have forgotten many as well.

      Steve Sly
      (NP - Dream Theater - Scenes From A Memory)
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