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  • Stevesly@xxx.xxx
    Jan 2, 1999

      >>I hate to say it Steve, but I can see the "Bastard"'s point. Granted,
      he did "start it" by sending a post that did nothing but bad-mouth
      your picks, but he was really just expressing his opinion. He was
      doing it in a very antagonistic way, but still...<<

      There is a difference between �expressing his opinion� and personally
      attacking me by basically implying that I was a musical idiot because of my
      list. I welcome any comments he might have on my picks, but when he starts
      personal attacks (which BTW this guy does all the time), than he can kiss my
      ass. This is the first time that I have gotten into it with him, but I have
      read his posts many times over the years, and he seems to take great delight
      in slamming people who don�t exactly agree with his personal views. The whole
      �machines are to men.....� quote that he starts his posts with is nothing more
      than a ploy to try to get a knee jerk reaction out of people, and
      unfortunately he finally succeeded with me. If you want to defend this
      asshole, that is your business Bob, but I don�t think you saw the whole thread
      from the beginning, and I still think he is in the wrong. I really, really
      hope I get the chance to meet this guy in person someday, as I wonder if he is
      as brave with his words in real life, as he is safely tucked away behind his
      computer keyboard.

      >>When you replied and accused all of rec.music.prog of having narrow
      tastes that followed strict "parameters" of what is allowed to be
      prog, you were just asking for trouble. <<

      Let me make this clear....I WAS MISQUOTED BY THIS IDIOT! I did not say that
      all of rec.music progressive was like this. What I said was (and this is a
      very big difference) that a SMALL NUMBER OF PEOPLE on rec.music.progressive
      were this way, and I was mainly refereeing to him and a few of his cronies on
      the list. Again, Bob I don�t think you saw the original posts, which I
      certainly don�t fault you for, but his reply contained erroneous information
      on what I wrote. I certainly do not think that all of rec.music.progressive
      is narrow minded.

      >>I'm not criticizing your picks at at all, just your attitude that
      anyone who dislikes neo-prog is closed-minded and has some sort of
      carved-in-stone definition of what prog has to be. That's just not
      true, in fact the exact opposite is true.<<

      Ya, know Bob I�m really trying to not get pissed here. You know, and everyone
      that knows me knows, that that is NOT my attitude at all. Yes, I do happen to
      like neo, and yes I do get pissed when people constantly claim that it has no
      relevance, but I try to listen to ALL music with an open mind, and try to
      respect everyone�s opinion, including yours and even The Irish Bastard�s (even
      though I still think he is an asshole....) Hell, my top 10 was not all neo
      anyway.....Liquid Tension Experiment is certainly not neo, I don�t consider
      Ayreon to be neo..........Dream Theater and Savatage are both Prog-
      metal........Marillion�s �Radiation� is not considered prog at all by a lot of
      people....ect. ect. The point is that Mr Mcfee (aka Irish Bastard) spends
      the majority of his time on rec.music.progressvie, not commenting on music,
      but looking for people to pounce on with his �supposed� intellectual
      supiriority, and extremely arrogant attitude. Like I said earlier, the prog
      world is a small one, and I hope I get to meet this guy in person some

      Steve Sly
      (Now playing Alanis Morrisette - Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie)
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