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  • Bob Eichler / Michele Matthews
    Jan 1, 1999
      In the last digest, Stevesly@... wrote:

      >For those of you who occasionally hang out on rec.music.progressive I need to
      >ask a favor. I am currently embroiled in a rather surly debate with a guy
      >calls himself "The Irish Bastard" (aka Shawn McAfee). I posted my personal
      >top 10 list for the annual rec.music.progressive poll, and this guy is trying
      >to shred my ass.

      I hate to say it Steve, but I can see the "Bastard"'s point. Granted,
      he did "start it" by sending a post that did nothing but bad-mouth
      your picks, but he was really just expressing his opinion. He was
      doing it in a very antagonistic way, but still...

      When you replied and accused all of rec.music.prog of having narrow
      tastes that followed strict "parameters" of what is allowed to be
      prog, you were just asking for trouble. What you said is absolutely,
      100% not true - the regulars of r.m.p have *very* diverse tastes in
      music, and generally tend to disuss the more experimental things that
      *break* the "parameters" of prog (whatever those are). I think OIB
      has a very valid point when he says that your top ten list shows a
      much narrower taste in music than the people you're accusing of just
      that. (I wish I could word that better...).

      I'm not criticizing your picks at at all, just your attitude that
      anyone who dislikes neo-prog is closed-minded and has some sort of
      carved-in-stone definition of what prog has to be. That's just not
      true, in fact the exact opposite is true.

      Anyway, that's the way I saw the whole debate...

      -- Bob "Bice" Eichler
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