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28182Re: ProgDay samples

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  • biceeichler
    Aug 13, 2014

      The only band I'm familiar with is Galactic Cowboy Orchestra.  They played the Friday night preshow a few years ago and I liked them enough to buy a few CDs and go see them again when they played in Harrisburg, PA.  The band features guitar, bass and drums fronted by a female violinist who also handles most of the vocals.  Musically they're all over the map.  They might play a jazz fusion song followed by country followed by prog.  At the Harrisburg show, they took requests and end up playing "Rocky Top" followed by "YYZ".  I don't know how many covers they'll be doing at ProgDay - they played quite a few at the other shows I saw, but they've recorded more original material since then.  Their original material was mostly instrumental, but based on the samples of their new album on the ProgDay site, it sounds like they're adding more vocals.

      I've listened to samples of all eight bands now, and I'm starting to think this could be a rare year where I like every single one of the bands.  Sounds promising.

        -- Bob

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