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  • biceeichler
    Aug 10, 2014
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      I'm starting to get psyched up for this year's ProgDay, which (if I'm doing the math right) will be the festival's 20th anniversary.  I checked the web site (www.progday.net) this morning and was happy to see that the band line-up has been finalized, and there are MP3 samples of all but one of the bands available (the band Kotebel has a link to their bandcamp page instead).


      There's around three and a half hours worth of sample files up there.  I grabbed everything except for the tracks from Galactic Cowboy Orchestra's "All Out of Peaches", since I already have that on CD.  So far I've only had time to listen to a track or two by each band, but from what I've heard it sounds like this year's festival is going to be great.  I'm particularly digging the Sensations' Fix, Necromonkey and Zombie Frog tracks, and I already know how good Galactic Cowboy Orchestra is.  The two bands named after people (Travis Larson Band and Alex Carpini band) sound like they could be winners too.  I'll have to make sure to take a lot of cash for CD purchases.


      There's still no info about a Friday night preshow and/or a Saturday night show.  Has anyone heard any rumors?  I noticed when Local 506 sent out their August schedule, both of those nights were still open.


      Anyone else from the P&O list going?


        -- Bob


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