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28173Re: The new Yes album, Heaven & Earth

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  • biceeichler
    Jul 31, 2014

      Yeah, I just read a review of the Fly From Here album that broke down track-by-track who wrote what, and almost the entire "Fly From Here" suite was written by Trevor Horn and Geoff Downs, as was the other track from the album that I really like, "Life on a Film Set".  Steve Howe contributed "Hour of Need", the acoustic solo track "Solitaire" and a little section of "Fly From Here" (which kind of sticks out and sounds like it doesn't belong with the rest of the suite) and Squire was mostly responsible for "The Man You Always Wanted Me To Be", which is easily the worst song on the album.  The final track, "Into the Storm" credits the full band (even Oliver Wakeman) as the authors.  For the most part though, it was the Horn and Downes show.

      Knowing that, I guess it's easy to see why "Fly From Here" sounds so different from "Heaven & Earth".  It's more of a new Buggles album than a new Yes album. In hindsight, I can hear that now while listing to it.  Still a really good album though.  They should make sure they get Horn involved in any future albums.

        -- Bob

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