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28168The new Yes album, Heaven & Earth

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  • biceeichler
    Jul 30, 2014
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      So who else bought the new Yes album, "Heaven & Earth"?  What do you think?

      I ordered it from Amazon - the CD hasn't arrived yet, but it had the "Autorip" feature so I've listened to it a few times on my Kindle's "cloud player".  It's...well, it's not terrible.  It's certainly better than "Open Your Eyes", but that's damning with faint praise.  I was hoping for something as good as "Fly From Here", which I thought was a fantastic album, much better than I ever expected Yes to release at this stage of their careers.

      Unfortunately, "Heaven & Earth" just kind of lays there.  The tempos are slow, the music is fairly simple, and the new vocalist is nothing special.  I liked him when I saw the band play live last year - he has a crystal clear voice and can match Anderson's range, but on the album he just doesn't carry the music.  No charisma.

      As most reviews that I read pointed out, the last track "Subway Walls" is the best song on the album and the closest they get to sounding like the Yes of old, but even that one sounds like it's being played at about three quarters of the speed it should be played at.

      This album is making me wonder where "Fly From Here" came from.  Maybe they wrote that music back in the Drama days and never recorded it until now?  Because I can't see how a band that came up with an album that good could turn around just a couple years later and release this fairly forgettable album.

      I was hoping it would grow on me, but with each listen I actually find myself getting less interested in it, and just waiting for that decent last track to come on.

      One of the reviews on Amazon said something like "They crossed the topographic ocean and unfortunately landed on Love Beach", which is pretty damned funny.  There's nothing on Heaven & Earth that's as downright offensively bad as side one of Love Beach, but there's also nothing all that memorable about it.

        -- Bob

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