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28160Three hour Frank Zappa extravaganza!

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  • Ian Beabout
    Jun 28, 2014
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      Hello everyone! This Saturday (6/28) PROG ROCK DEEP CUTS host, Ian Beabout will be joining UNITED IN PROG's DJ Tony Romero for a 3 hour Frank Zappa extravaganza!

      The show will be held over at houseofprog.com from 1-4 PM and will include a cross section of rare and classic cuts, celebrating the many facets of Frank Zappa's eclectic career, from the early days in the Los Angeles freak scene, to the classic-era Mothers of Invention (featuring George Duke, Ruth Underwood, Napoleon Murphy Brock), to the mid 80's war against the PMRC, to the infamous 1988 tour and beyond!

      The idea came during the final hours of Ian Beabout's March 29th guest appearance on UNITED IN PROG when Tony Romero, recognizing a mutual passion for the music of Frank Zappa, asked Beabout to join him in a 3 hour Zappa-off.  The idea was to have a "battle of the Zappa's", as in each DJ would pick about 10 songs worth of their favorite Zappa material, and present them on an upcoming episode of UNITED IN PROG.  The idea finally has come to fruition this week and in a Battle of the Zappa's, the listeners win!

      Join Tony and Ian this Saturday for what promises to be an epic 3 hours celebrating the life and works of Frank Zappa!

      Click HERE to stream live - http://houseofprog.com/hop/?page_id=6807\

      Click HERE to join chat (registration required) - http://houseofprog.com/hop/?page_id=65

      Show BEGINS in these Time Zones:
      10:00 AM PST
      1:00 PM EST
      6:00 PM UK
      7:00 PM CET