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28140Re: [ProgAndOther] Beardfish at Orion last night

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  • Allen Thompson
    May 21 10:35 AM

      Thanks for the review! They were stunning at ROSfest. Glad they were able to swing a few more shows for more to see!

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      Subject: [ProgAndOther] Beardfish at Orion last night

      I was kind of hesitant about making the long drive down to Orion Studios to see Beardfish last night since it was the middle of the week and I had to be at work today, but I went anyway and it was totally worth it.

      The show start time was listed as 8pm, and I got there just before 8 and ended up sitting at the back of a packed house - which is OK, because the back row at Orion is still only 15 feet from the stage. Of course, time is flexible at Orion, so the show didn't actually start until closer to 8:30, and the band played a marathon set that was close to two and a half hours with no breaks, and then after the requisite encore the crowd kept clapping an chanting until the band came out and did an unplanned second encore.  By the time everything was wrapped up it was close to 11pm.

      It's hard to believe that it's been six years already since the band's ProgDay performance, and in that time they've released five albums - Sleeping in Traffic parts 1 and 2, Destined Solitaire, Mammoth and The Void.  Of those, I bought the two Sleeping in Traffic albums when they were first released and listened to them a lot, and I picked up Mammoth a couple years ago at ProgDay, but probably only listened to it once or twice.  So a lot of the set list last night was unfamiliar to me - Rikard mentioned during the show that they were drawing heavily from Destined Solitaire, and I'm guessing they also played a lot from the new album.

      I still enjoyed the show a lot, despite being unfamiliar with most of the music.  They did play several tracks from The Sane Day and the two Sleeping in Traffic albums, so I really enjoyed those.  The two songs I was hoping for were The Gooberville Ballroom Dancer and the epic title track to Sleeping in Traffic, and they played both of those.  I was starting to think they weren't going to play "Sleeping" because an hour and a half into the set they still hadn't hinted at it, but then they pulled it out as the closing number of the main set.

      There were two funny moments with the vocal microphone that Rikard used while playing guitar, both during the lengthy Sleeping in Traffic.  At one point he switched from his keyboards to come out front and play guitar, and the first line of lyrics was "Sleeeep!".  He went to sing it and discovered that while he was at the keys, Mike Potter must have turned off the guitar vocal mic.  So he just stood there singing "Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeee...." and the band came to a stop until the mic turned on, then he delivered the "eeeeeep!" and the whole back kicked back in on a dime as if nothing was amiss. 

      The other incident happened near the end of Sleeping in Traffic - somehow that same vocal microphone came crashing off the stage, stand and all.  I didn't see what had knocked it over, but a guy in the front row quickly picked it up off the floor and set it back up on the stage just in time for Rikard to sing the final lines of lyrics.  The timing was perfect.

      I took my digital recorder to the show and tried to record it - I was listening to bits of it during the drive home and it sounds like it might have come out OK once I got the volume levels adjusted.  If it's a decent recording, I'll post it to Dime a Dozen eventually.  At one point in the middle of the set, the woman next to me elbowed me to get my attention and then pointed out that I was recording, she was recording the show with her Nook, her husband and the guy next to him were both recording with digital recorders and the guy on the other side of them was video recording.  And I'm pretty sure there were a couple people behind us near the soundboard audio and/or video recording.  So it should be a pretty well documented show.

      All in all it was another fun Orion show.  I picked up the Destined Solitaire CD (unfortunately they were sold out of The Void) and got Rikard to autograph my copy of Sleeping in Traffic Part 1 on the page with the thank you to "The Man who gave Rikard imaginary diseases" - I had given him my copy of that Zappa album at the ProgDay pool party in '06 after we had a drunken discussion of Zappa's music in the swimming pool.

      Now I just have to figure out how to keep my eyes open until quitting time today, but sometimes you just have to suffer for art.

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