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28100Deep Cuts #27 is now available for streaming!

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  • Ian Beabout
    Mar 8, 2014
      On this week's Deep Cuts, I'm opening up the floor to another presenter. And how is this different from guests in the past? Well, I am loosening the reins a bit and allowing my good buddy, Nick King to pick about half of the playlist!

      So what does this mean for this episode of Deep Cuts? Well, Nick's Picks add a depth hitherto unseen! We've got tracks from Praxis, an early 90's band that fused such diverse styles as funk, jazz, dub, and metal into a highly unique sound. You're not going to believe how fun they are!

      We've also got some Art Bears, the post-Henry Cow project by Chris Cutler, Dagmar Krause, and Fred Frith as well as a track from Tokyo based, reed-driven Zeuhl-ites Koenjihyakkei and their Angherr Shisspa record (think Magma, only faster).

      From me, we've got the new Crimson-y Matt Stevens track "The Bridge", as well as a tribute to the 40th anniversary of Camel's seminal Mirage. All this and more only on Deep Cuts #27!