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28098Re: [ProgAndOther] Upper limits suck

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  • marabus
    Mar 6, 2014
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      Congrats Bob-you've been a busy beaver!
      Pete ( still playing cds)

      On 3/5/14 10:22 AM, eichler2@... wrote:

      Last week I listened to my MP3s of ZZ Top's "Antenna", which is the last album in my music collection (alphabetically by artist, then chronologically by release date), and with that I've FINALLY finished converting my entire collection to MP3 and listening to everything to make sure it all came out OK.

      So now I've got everything loaded on my iPod that I put the 240 GB hard drive into.  Well, nearly everything - I ended up having to delete a few CDs that my wife bought and a couple bootleg recordings because I ran out of hard drive space (so close to getting everything on there - oh well).

      Yesterday I created a playlist of everything and told Rockbox to randomize and play it.  And it blew up with a "buffer overload" error.  Turns out Rockbox can only handle playlists of 32,000 tracks or less and I had 32,527.

      So I spent last night fixing Rockbox up again so it would work and then spent this morning trimming 500 or so songs off the playlist, and I'm currently listening to my 31,980 song playlist on shuffle mode.  It's friggin' awesome.  Every few songs some obscure track that I had forgotten all about will pop up and I'll try to identify it for a minute or two before giving up and looking at the display to discover that it's a Patrick Moraz piano piece from a live album that I forgot I owned, or a jazz piece by Bele Fleck, etc.

        -- Bob

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