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28095Re: [ProgAndOther] San Fermin - My favorite new band from 2013

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  • Roy DeRousse
    Feb 25, 2014
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      Wow! I had high expectations for the show, and I was not disappointed. Noah,
      we basically saw the same show that you did with 2 differences. The last song
      of the Son Lux set featured the barritone sax player from San Fermin. They
      said this was the first night they had done that, and it worked really well.
      I really liked the bass frequencies that it added to the song. The other
      change is that we did get an encore! They didn't have any other original
      music left, having played the album and the two new songs (which I really
      liked, especially "Parasites"), so they played a song by The Strokes, "Heart
      in a Cage." I enjoyed that a lot too.

      Here is a link to a review of the show: http://bit.ly/Ms8RHy

      Have fun!

      Roy DeRousse

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