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28077Re: [ProgAndOther] San Fermin - My favorite new band from 2013

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  • Noah Lesgold
    Feb 6, 2014
      On Thu, 6 Feb 2014, eichler2@... wrote:

      > > Yup. Best player in the world for two weeks, too
      > As opposed to a certain Penguin who the press has been ramming down
      > our throats for the last 10 years as "the next Wayne Gretzky".

      Man, possibly excepting Connor McDavid, it's hard to imagine anyone
      in the modern era living up to that billing.

      > And I'm certainly not defending the Steve Mason signing, but compared
      > to the crap-fest the Flyers have had in net for the past...well,
      > forever, Mason hasn't looked too bad. Sure he had crappy numbers for
      > a few years in Columbus, but if you were playing in Columbus, wouldn't
      > you do whatever it took to get out of there? Should the Flyers make
      > the playoffs, Mason certainly can't do worse than Fleury usually does.

      Columbus seems like a decent place these days, now that they have
      acceptable management in place. I'm really pulling for them to make the
      playoffs and maybe even win a game. It's true, though, it's hard to
      imagine a goalie there exceeding expectations after being discarded and
      winning the Vezina trophy while his former team buys out the long-term
      contract on the goalie they traded two of their best players to make cap
      space for OH WAIT.

      Noah Lesgold

      "Don't try to boggle ME, Mister TALKING CAT. This is MECHANICSBURG. You
      are BY NO MEANS the strangest thing in THIS town."
      --Girl Genius
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