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  • marabus
    Dec 13, 2013
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      Subject:[PMS] Worth your attention - One of These Days +
      Date:12 Dec 2013 07:44:16 -0800


      Do not think it was mentioned here but certainly worth repeating if it has been, and most of all certainly worth listening  .... the amazing "One of These Days & Thee Heavy Random Tone Colour Lab" and their debut album: "A Peaceful Nacht In Hell" (in four movements​).

      .... who would have thought that a spanish band could bring the spirit of early Pink Floyd and do it in such a splendid way. My jaw dropped when I heard it (link below) and it did not take long to make a purchase of the vinyl.  Fortunately on this side of the pond we can get it as well. I got my copy from Wayside and at the price ($30) quite lower than the one listed on the website. One can buy a digital copy of it, but for me this caliber of music had to be on something more tangible, and since the vinyl was the only choice there.
      I have to say it has been some time before I had opened a music package with so much reverence ... even more so vinyl, since I gave up buying this format long time ago. Fortunately the vinyl comes with a code for a digital copy (which includes also a bonus track) as I have scramble to get my turntables to work again.

      The album can be listened to and bought on their bandcamp website:


      Well, what can I say but awesome :-)

      Happy hunting, Peter