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28001Prog-Rock Diner for 9/23/2013: The Playlist

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  • progluvr
    Sep 22, 2013
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      Prog-Rock Diner (Music) with Deb Sears 09/23/2013 05:00PM to 07:00PM EST  Approximate times:

      05:02PM-05:10PM (8:01) Azigza “Touch Moon Window” from Azigza (2000) on Azigza

      05:10PM-05:23PM (13:06) Barrock “Re Artù” from L'Alchimista (1991) on Moon Witch Records

      05:23PM-05:26PM (3:20) Cheer-Accident “Life In Pollyana” from No ifs, ands or Dogs (2011) on Cuneiform Records

      05:26PM-05:29PM (3:22) Cheer-Accident “Death By Pollyanna” from No ifs, ands or Dogs (2011) on Cuneiform Records

      05:30PM-05:36PM (6:02) The Living “Matakat” from The Sin EP (2007) on The Living

      05:36PM-05:41PM (4:23) Mellow Candle “Silversong” from Swaddling Songs (2008) on Esoteric

      05:41PM-05:50PM (8:58) Renaissance “Rajah Khan” from In The Beginning (1978) on Capitol Catalog

      05:55PM-05:58PM (2:59) Barbara Rubin “Under The Ice” from Under the Ice (2010) on BARBARA RUBIN

      06:02PM-06:11PM (9:23) Nexus “Despertar Dentro De Un Sueño (Wake Up Inside A Dream)” from Metanoia (2001) on RecordRunner

      06:11PM-06:17PM (6:18) Curved Air “Marie Antoinette” from Phantasmagoria (2005) on Rhino/Warner Bros.

      06:17PM-06:21PM (3:50) Earth and Fire “INVITATION” from Earth and Fire (2002) on Universal B.V.

      06:21PM-06:25PM (3:35) Earth and Fire “Song of the Marching Children” from Earth and Fire (2002) on Universal B.V.

      06:25PM-06:28PM (3:35) Brave “Driven” from Monuments (2008) on Brave

      06:30PM-06:40PM (9:38) The Red Masque “Beggars & Thieves” from Feathers for Flesh (2004) on Big Balloon Music

      06:40PM-06:42PM (2:30) Charming Hostess “Dali Tzerni” from EAT (1999) on Vaccination

      06:42PM-06:49PM (6:05) Faun Fables “Housekeeper” from Light of a Vaster Dark (2010) on Drag City Inc.

      06:51PM-06:58PM (6:40) Landmarq “Flames For The Dancer” from Science Of Coincidence (1998) on Synergy