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27997ProgDay popularity by snatches

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  • biceeichler
    Sep 18, 2013

      Since I've done this for the past few years, here's this year's ProgDay "snatch" data.  This is the number of times my audience recording for each band was "snatched" (downloaded), which gives some idea of how popular each band was (at least with Dime users).  Of course there could be mitigating circumstances, like sound quality of the recording, size of the torrent, etc.  And since I put them up in the order they played, the Sunday bands haven't had as long to build up snatches.  But the activity on these torrents has pretty much dried up, so here are the current numbers:


      Oblivion Sun - 95 times
      Miriodor - 83 times
      Corima - 81 times
      Morglbl - 73 times
      Herd of Instinct - 48 times
      3rd Degree - 46 times
      Thank You Scientist - 45 times
      Out of the Beardspace - 44 times
      simakDialog - 42 times
      Rob Martino - 42 times
      Mavara - 41 times
      Dreadnaught - 39 times
      Hephystus - 38 times



      - In terms of Dime popularity, Oblivion Sun was the clear winner of the weekend.

      - How about the "avant" bands Miriodor and Corima coming in a really strong second and third?

      - Not surprised Morglbl drew 73 snatches, but I thought their opening band would garner more interest.  Instead Hephystus came in dead last.

      - Combining musical quality and recording quality, I thought the Dreadnaught torrent was the best one of the whole weekend, yet it finished second to last.  Come on Dimers, you're missing a good one!

      - simakDialog was a headliner and only drew 42 downloads.  That might be partly due to the set being interrupted by weather.  Interesting that first act of the weekend and the last one both had the same number of snatches.

      - I'm wondering if Herd of Instinct got so many snatches because I compared them to King Crimson in the description?

        -- Bob

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