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27968Re: [ProgAndOther] Back from ProgDay

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  • Roy DeRousse
    Sep 4, 2013
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      Thanks for the trip report, Bob. I always look forward to it.

      I don't find myself looking forward to ProgDay as intensely as I used to -
      mainly because I don't know many of the bands that play anymore (partly due to
      me not keeping up with the current prog scene as I used to in the past), but
      also because I'm a bit jaded after having been to all 19 of them. However,
      once I am there, I always have a great time. It's fun seeing old friends,
      experiencing live music, and soaking in the whole ProgDay vibe.

      I missed the Friday night show. Rhea and I saw Steve Winwood and the Allman
      Brothers in Raleigh instead. Rhea is a big Winwood fan, and we met up with an
      even bigger Winwood fan who came from England for the show. Steve put on a
      good show, as always. The Allmans also put on a good show, but it was too
      jammy for my tastes. I was impressed with their performance, but they are not
      my cup of tea in large doses.

      eichler2@... wrote:
      > The Iranian band Mavara opened the festival. They were supposed to play
      > first on Sunday, but one of the members of Thank You Scientist couldn't
      > be there in time for their Saturday slot, so the line-up of both days
      > got scrambled around a bit. I thought Mavara was OK, but after the
      > novelty of seeing a prog band from Iran wore off, it hit me that they're
      > pretty much a neoprog band with accented vocals, which isn't my thing at

      Yep, that was my take as well. I enjoyed them, but they weren't anything
      special outside of their unique background. Later, I learned that some of the
      band members were applying for political asylum. This trip to the US could
      end up being much more important to them than just some music gigs.

      > Miriodor went second, and I enjoyed their set, but right now I can't
      > really remember anything at all from it. I just remember afterwards,
      > when I was buying their CD, the guy in front of me in line handed one of
      > the band members two fives and five ones, and the guy from the band said
      > "No, it's $15." Then he counted it again and said "Oh, well, now you
      > know why we play in 7/8. Because we can't count to 15."

      Funny! They were one of my favorite bands of the weekend. They are different
      every time that I see them, but they never fail to put on a good performance.

      > Corima was third, and oh my god did they kick ass. All I knew going in
      > was that they were influenced by Magma, but holy crap they sound just
      > like Magma. In rapid-fire, fusiony mode with chanted, otherworldly
      > lyrics. It was overwhelming. There were a few spots where they slowed
      > down, but for the most part the set was just an onslaught of staggering
      > musicianship. I loved it. When I went to buy their CD, they only had

      They were absolutely amazing... for about 20 minutes. They had incredible
      chops, and I really enjoyed them at first, but they were too unrelenting for
      me. I felt like they needed more variety. Michael Bennett told me that the
      CD wasn't quite as intense as the performance. I'll have to check it out one
      of these days. He also mentioned that the band was completely blown away by
      the audience reaction. They've never seen anything like it. That is really
      cool to hear.

      > Oblivion Sun closed the show on Saturday. I've never been much of a
      > Happy the Man or Oblivion Sun fan, so this set was when I did my cigar
      > at the back of the field break. What I heard from back there was nice
      > enough, but - I don't know. This band just doesn't click with me. Most
      > people seemed to love them though.

      I liked them well enough, but the music does seem perhaps overly familiar to
      me, having seen HTM 3 or 4 times and Oblivion Sun twice. (I REALLY sound
      jaded now, don't I?)

      > Sunday morning was, if anything, even hotter than Saturday had been.
      > Out of the Beardspace opened the show. They're a fun band to watch
      > because just about everyone in the group plays multiple instruments, so
      > they're constantly switching places. In one song, the bassist and
      > keyboard player switched in mid-song.

      Funny thing about these guys - they were one of my favorite bands of the
      weekend, yet I almost didn't see them at all! I always volunteer for at least
      one shift at the front gate. I listen to all of the bands and decide which
      one(s) I wouldn't mind skipping. Out of the Beardspace was that band this
      weekend. BUT, that was messed up when Thank You Scientist took their place,
      so I ended up seeing Out of the Beardspace anyway. As you mention, there was
      a lot of stuff visually and musically going on in their set.

      I was very bummed to be missing Thank You Scientist. They were one of the
      bands that I was most looking forward to. They sounded really good from the
      front gate, although with the massive echoing that you always hear from there.

      About halfway through the set, T.J. Higgins walked up to the front gate and
      offered to take my place for the rest of my shift. That was so nice! He had
      heard me talking to Steve Sly about my situation the night before and decided
      to help me out. It was especially nice because we don't really know each
      other. I've seen his postings on this list, of course, but we've never really
      talked in person. We'll have to remedy that next time, T.J.

      Anyway, I enjoyed TYS, but I don't feel like they reached their potential
      during the segment that I actually saw them. The sax and horn weren't
      featured prominently enough, and I couldn't hear the violin at all. (I
      actually heard the sax and horn much more from the gate.) Maybe it was just
      due to the song selections. I enjoyed the singer. He had a stage presence
      that most of the other ProgDay musicians don't have. Anyway, I enjoyed their
      set and would gladly see them again.

      Have fun!

      Roy DeRousse

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