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27882Fwd: [PMS] ProgRock Records Warehouse consolidation sale

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  • marabus
    Jun 21, 2013
      We are consolidating warehouses and have a ton of CD's to move, I'd
      rather ship them to you than truck them across town, so for the next
      week or so (I'll give you a heads up before we stop) we're running a
      sale on our site, prices are all between $1 and $10, no coupon codes or
      bulk discounting will apply during the sale. You can use our quick
      browse feature at http://www.therecordlabel.net/albums/ and sort by a
      variety of criteria, including price. All the albums have reviews,
      audio samples, possibly promotional videos, everything to help you
      decide if you like it. Keep in mind that we get a lot of orders during
      these sales and it can take a few weeks to finishs shipping all the orders.

      Best Regards,
      Shawn Gordon
      ProgRock Records
      (949) 288-3771
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